About Me


My name is Michelle Harrod-Caplat and  I am a Natural health and welling practitioner incorporating, Homeopathy, solution focused Psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, having trained and graduated from the college of practical homeopathy in London.   As a practically trained Homeopath, I not only focus on Homeopathy, but also on nutrition and replacing essential minerals by using Bio-metric tissue cell salts.  These cell salts help to replace minerals that have often been stripped from the body through our sedentary life style and the toxic environment in which we all now live in.   Most people these days are seriously depleted in essential minerals, which is often the precursor for many illnesses. 


As a Solution-focused Psychotherapist I assist client's to work towards their preferred future by helping them to identifying positive steps that enable them to move forward with a positive attitude and increased confidence.  Solution focused therapy uses techniques based on up to date research from neuroscience and neuro-linguistic programming.


Shelly Harrod-Caplat (LCPH) (MARH) (HPD) (DSFH)

Solution-focused therapist, psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and registered homeopath.