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I remember very well being disillusioned by homeopathy just because I felt that there was no scientific evidence for it ❌. I even dropped out of college whilst studying as a homeopath. 📚 Then several years later I suffered a sinus attack yet again and Homeopathy was the only thing that helped me. Id taking huge amounts of pain killers, anti biotics and had procedures to clear my sinuses and nothing has worked except homeopathy👃 I've heard the arguments many times that homeopathy is nothing more than a placebo and I can understand why people would believe that, it's incredible difficult to explain about your own personal experience with Homeopathy and why you feel it's not placebo.💊. What really matters for me now isn't trying to convince the population that it's not placebo and that it does work, what's important is that I've improved my health, my childs and have helped others, I'm grateful for that and so for me that's enough. I no longer feel the need to tell people about my amazing experiences I've had with Homeopathy and how I've seen it work with animals and babies who have no idea that you've put a remedy in their water bowel or in the baby bottle💧🐅. I'm grateful that I found Homeopathy, not just because I've seen others benefit from it, but because rather than my health deteriorating with age, I appear to be getting healthier with age. I don't suffer those awful sinus attacks any longer and I care little about how Homeopathy works, because for me it's enough that it works when I need it too and I no longer have to reach for the pain killers that had stopped working anyway leaving me in agony and despair. Even if this wasnt my job, id still use Homeopathy and still believe in it and I pray that the world allows others to choose for themselves without ridicule, because we are all entitled to good health and happiness Skype appointments available 💻😃

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