Hyperactive children,learning disabilities and tics.

Excitable silly behavior sums up this remedy well.

We are seeing more and more children these days with learning disabilities and parents are struggling with the problem. as well as getting help for their child. time after time I have heard the same story from parents, stating that the most frustrating part is repeating themselves and not being able to make any headway with regards to getting the help and support that they need. Parents with children with any behaviour issues feel that by the time anyone listens or they have started to receive any help it is all too late for their child, and that intervention was needed when they were much younger.

For the most part I would say that The NHS system is at breaking point and no one is really to blame here. Health care professionals would appear to be doing the best that they can do, given the workload that they have and the lack of resources, but that doesn't help an anxious parent who knows that there is a problem with their child's behaviour, and they feel that the clock is ticking in terms of getting the help they need.

The wonderful thing about Homeopathy is that Homeopaths look at your child as an individual and take everything about them into account in order to decide on the correct remedy. It is important to understand that there are many Homeopathic remedies that can help with such issues, and so it is equally important that consultations are carried out in order to address any issues so that the homeopath can decide on the correct course to take with regards to remedies.

  • Children who may need Argaricus muscarius

  • may experience severe mood changes

  • Facial tics and twitches throughout the body

  • often talkative

  • Issues with learning to talk and walk

  • They may feel anxious

  • Excitement can bring on the Tics

  • May have very poor perception with confusion

  • Often these children are creative

  • Incoherent speech

  • excitable silly behaviour

  • affectionate, wants to cuddle everyone

These children will feel better when they are moving around and worst in the mornings

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