Tackling the pre christmas blues and stress with hypnotherapy and solution therapy

pre christmas blues and stress

It’s not Christmas just yet, but its only just around the corner and it isn’t a happy time for everyone out there. Imagine if you were elderly, and had no family around you or even young and had no family, what if you have lost someone close? Christmas time for many may be a reminder of what they don’t have any longer or of the people or loved ones that they miss.

There are some who may well be dreading this time of year because they are divorced and have to share the children and so spend their Christmas alone without family or a partner while they watch others play happy families, and It can be a very stressful time for those who may be worrying about the added expense that this festive season brings with it.

When life has dealt you many harsh blows it’s hard to see the positive aspects of your life and Christmas seems to compound all those inner fears, anxieties and worries that people already have, this time of year for some can literally feel like hell.

it’s all too easy to focus on the things that are going wrong in life, the things that we don’t have and the partner and money we also don’t have, but that fact is once we start to focus on the positive aspects than life becomes easier and far less stressful. Solution focused therapy and hypnotherapy helps a person to find those positive aspects, even at difficult times such as Christmas and it can alleviate those feelings of loneliness and lack that you may be experiencing.

In Solution focused hypnotherapy and solution therapy we accept that a person has genuine feelings of anxiety and or depression, we accept that life has been hard and that money is a constant worry, and we even understand that you may feel that there is no light at the end of the tunnel, but what we don’t do is focus on those issues, in fact rarely would we even talk about them, for some this is in fact somewhat of a relief.

solution therapy is all about looking at what you do have and what is going right in your life. I can hear you saying “that’s ridiculous, because nothing is going right, and I’m alone, broke and scared” well you’ve been feeling that way for some time and nothing has changed, right? So clearly trying to cope the way that you have been doing isn’t working and maybe it’s time to find another way to deal with life’s issues? We can’t bring back loved ones or increase your income for you, but what if you understood that you had the power within you to find a solution to any problem that you have, and that you could feel good again despite what has happened in the past? And that in fact not only could you feel good again, you could feel better than you ever have done in your entire life, what if you could tap into a more positive version of yourself, and could achieve your goals and what would you being doing with your life that was so different in the future compared to now if you did make those changes?

It’s hard to believe, but even people who have had the worst news imaginable have benefited from this therapy and that’s simply because when we become more positive we release serotonin, the happy hormone, and then we become solution focused and this effect snow balls in the most productive way and our brain starts to make new neuron connections seeking even more ways to achieve our goals that we once thought impossible, sounds all sciency hey? Well it is, in fact this therapy uses the most up to date Neuro linguistic techniques and has become very popular recently.

You don’t need to suffer anymore, because you have the power within you to change and to feel good even if it’s for the first time. A mind that’s positive wouldn’t look at Christmas in the same way ever again, but rather it would enjoy it in its own way and even feel more relaxed about it. Take the first step today and ask yourself “what has been going well and what is good about my life” no matter how small or insignificant you think that it may be there is always something to be thankful for and always something that is going right in your life.

If you feel that you need help and would benefit from this type of therapy then you can book in for a consultation that would last for approximately one hour, this initial consultation alone will give you a better understanding of how your brain actually works and why you have been feeling the way that you have, but more importantly how all that can change for you far quicker than you think and with Skype appointments now available it's easier to reach out for that help.

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