We can heal ourselves

I firmly believe that each of us has the ability to heal our own bodies, if we stop and take the time to try and understand that our body and mind are connected and that we can get back in the driving seat, rather than being the petrified passenger that we have become, even science has proven this to be the case now with the placebo effect and that once a person makes the shift from believing that they are a powerless victim to believing that they hold the power within them, then healing can begin.

This isn’t airy fairy stuff, this is science and science is catching up to this idea fast, especially with neuro linguistic therapies, our understanding of quantum physics and that everything is actually connected rather than the old belief that we are all disconnected.

You see for the longest time most of us have been guilty of giving our power away and paying very little attention to the subtle messages that our bodies send us. Every ache, pain, disease and upset is a message that the supple body is trying to communicate to you, but over the years we’ve learnt to not listen to those messages and expect our poor doctors to just ‘fix us’.

The Chinese have understood this for thousands of years with their practice of the five elements and they are able to diognose and get to the core of sickness and the issue surrounding it by understanding that the organs hold specific emotions and energy. For instance, as a holistic practitioner when faced with a client with a urinary infection or kidney issue I wouldn’t only be interested in their diet and lifestyle, but also in why they are so fearful, this may sound alien to a person if they are used to taking drugs and believing that disease just happens to them, but the kidneys represent fear and it is the water element in Chinese medicine and so, if this is out of balance or blocked in any way the person can become detached, despondent, have phobic fears as well as ringing in the ears, lower back pain, infertility, lack of libido, hormonal imbalance, anxiety attacks and not forgetting kidney infections and urinary infections.

I am myself the water element so I understand this element very well and have suffered in the past with kidney issues and lower back pain and each time that I have suffered I have understood that during that period of my life for whatever reason, I felt unsupported, which was why my lower back would go, or I felt incredibly afraid of the future and almost paralysed by the thought of it.

Armed with this knowledge there are several steps that an individual can take depending on their belief, but for me affirmations work well as well as taking well indicated homeopathic kidney remedies, and then looking to where I do have support in my life, rather than where I do not have it, and this is where solution focused therapy comes in and hypnotherapy because this therapy helps you to see what is going right in your life and will tackle those limiting beliefs that are making you sick in the first place.

We come from a place of fear or we come from a place or love. In short, if we are fearful of everything in life then this has a direct impact on how we approach life. Even angry people who others may call hateful or nasty are only carrying out violent actions possibly due to the fear in their own life. Maybe they have been afraid their whole life that they will never be as good as everyone else, maybe they believed what their parents said about them, maybe they were mistreated and became fearful of being mistreated for the rest of their life and this made them angry. These are not the actions of a person who loves themselves, these are the actions of a person who believes that inner fearful voice, and they have learnt to listen to it, and due to their anger, we may well see that they have issues with their liver, because the liver energy represents anger, but if we un block that energy and allow the flow once again then we would quickly see that this person is in fact afraid and we could then assist in helping to empower them through therapy, homeopathy or even both, as well as teaching self help techniques.

EFT, emotional freedom technique has also shown to be of help. I often use this in the clinic when clients can become stuck with a particular limiting beliefs. EFTs main objective is to bring the realisation of what our deep thoughts really are, and in expressing them we release them, enabling us to move forward and clear the block.

We can heal ourselves and we all have this ability, even shifting our negative thoughts to positive happy ones has proven to alleviate pain in the body, due to the endorphins that are released that act as natural pain relief. There are still many people who are unaware of this Phenomena and that we effect our own bodies with our mere thoughts, believing that disease really does just happen, and that there were never any warning signs, at least ones we recognise, because we have not been taught to do this.

People like Dr Emoto have proven that we effect our bodies through his water experiment, he has shown that every thought, belief and statement that we say and hold about our selves could have a profound effect on the cells in our body and cause disease, after all, disease is A body that is not at ease. If Dr Emoto has been able to change the structure of water with words alone, then think about what you are doing to yourself every time you tell yourself that you are not worthy, capable and deserving and that you will never be well, that you will always suffer with sickness and die in pain. Would you tell this to someone that you deeply love, or would you show them love with kind words so as to empower them? Think of yourself as that friend you deeply love and deeply respect and heal yourself.

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