Skype Clinic appointments

So why would you choose to use a skype clinic rather than going to an actual clinic to see your Homeopath, or solution focussed therapist and hypnotherapist? Well in short, I’ll repeat what my client said to me recently during a skype session. ‘it’s so much easier to meet you on skype than to fight through all the traffic in my car, get my child sorted out with child care and rush back for them, I don’t need to worry about any of that and so I feel more relaxed prior to the appointment and during it, rather than feeling stressed.

The skype appointments are not just used by busy mums at home with the babies to care for. but I have clients who will even log into skype during their lunch hour at work, or before they even start work so that they don’t have to give up any time in the evenings. One patient even said to me that it was ‘great having the appointment at work, because I was feeling really stressed and when I finished talking about it I felt so much better, and so the rest of the day was a lot more positive and pleasant after the appointment.

It’s a growing trend now and more and more people are having to adapt to keep up with the demands of life. People are busy running around with so little time to fit everything in and struggling to juggle the family and work, finding it hard to find some time to do the things that they want and need for themselves.

So much can be done on line these days, especially when you think we don’t even need to go to the shop and pick up our shopping if we choose not to, even GP’s are beginning to work this way and are having consultations with patients via skype. We are living in a busy world with many demands and the purpose of the skype clinic is to cut out some of the stress and allow clients and patients to have more time to juggle their busy lives.

some people really enjoy getting out of the house and going to see their therapist and homeopath in a clinic, but in reality, I have found that it makes very little difference to the session, and in fact to this day I have never actually met my own homeopath is person, but it has not prevented any of my treatment from having a positive effect and I still benefitted greatly from our sessions. There are many people who are simply unable to leave the house for medical reasons and so the skype clinic allows them to reach out for help when they need it.

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