Pregnancy sickness and Homeopathy

Initially when I fell pregnant with my first son, just like other expecting mums out there I felt happy and excited at the thought of being a mum, then the sickness started! Forget morning sickness, it was all day sickness and it was exhausting. Eventually I was admitted into hospital because I just couldn’t stop vomiting. I was so desperate for the pregnancy to be over so that I could feel normal again. I never had the chance to enjoy being pregnant as I had expected too and it just turned into a nightmare that felt like it was never going to end.

By the time my second pregnancy came around I was incredibly apprehensive, it was some years after my first pregnancy but the memory was still very clear for me and I had vowed never to go through that experience ever again. The very thought of getting pregnant and suffering with Hyperemesis gravidarum terrified me. Hyperemesis gravidarum is a medical term given for severe morning sickness, in a nutshell it means excessive vomiting and it can start as early as 4 weeks into the pregnancy and continue for a considerable time.

Some 10 years later when I fell pregnant with my second son my husband suggested that he take me to see a homeopath to try and get some help. I was willing to try anything, even though I had never even heard of Homeopathy and didn’t really know what to expect. When I was given the little white pills after my consultation with the homeopath I didn’t hold out much hope at all that they would work, it just seemed impossible that they could, but much to my surprise they did. I still felt a little nauseous and looking back I would have definitely given very different homeopathic remedies to the ones that the homeopath gave to me at the time, but they did still help to a degree in taking the edge off the sickness and certainly enough for me to wonder what this Homeopathy stuff actually was.

I have seen many women in the clinic for this debilitating condition and my heart always goes out to them. Homeopathy is safe to take during pregnancy which gives it it’s advantage and edge over some other forms of medication that are not safe. women are often left feeling desperate because they have no real safe options that are available to them that are not toxic to the baby and more and more mums are looking to take a more natural approach to pregnancy and birthing these days.

Pregnancy sickness is not a case of mind over matter, it is an increase in hormones that causes the nausea and vomiting and so real help is needed at this time that is safe and effective for pregnant women, and the clients that I have assisted would agree that Homeopathy is one such option that is available to pregnant women that is both safe for mum and baby.

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