How I help my clients to better health as a health and wellbeing practitioner

As a health and wellbeing practitioner my number one priority is to help my clients to return to better physical and mental health, in the easiest and gentlest way possible and as a practitioner I have several tools to assist clients in achieving this.

So how do I assist my clients? Well, I have come to realise over the years that one size really does not fit all and that we each resonate with different approaches in life, some clients may love hypnotherapy, whilst others may well be fearful of this approach and prefer solution therapy, energy medicine, psychotherapy and Homeopathy, but the beauty is that most clients who come and see me usually benefit from utilising all these disciplines and so I help them by combining them during the sessions, though that’s not to say that I always do this and that all would need this approach.

I have had clients who regain their physical and mental health just from using homeopathy alone and the results have been astounding, equally there are others who benefit hugely from therapy alone, however I have also noticed that though homeopathy and energy medicine have appeared to work very well on physical and acute ailments, I have found that a client can still often remain stuck and solution therapy and hypnotherapy have worked well at achieving better mental health and clarity for the client, so when these disciplines are used together the results has been astounding.

As a Natural health practitioner, I understand that illness often originates from mental disorders, and in fact Dr Bach who was responsible for producing the Bach remedies, stated that he believed that all illness originated from mental emotional issues, and recent research would suggest that this is the case. This is exactly why NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) is the new buzz word and is being so widely used amongst practitioners like myself. Solution therapy and hypnotherapy get you concentration on the positive aspects of your life, because we understand that as practitioners anxieties along with a host of other illnesses are created by negative thinking and nothing more, so when I use solution therapy alongside energy medicine and homeopathy we are tackling both the mental and emotional blocks in life, as well as the physical ones and so by approaching it at all angles to eradicate sickness and anxieties we get much better results.

You will probably be able to think of a time when someone has told you that their particular method of eradicating illness is the way to go and that it’s the best thing out there since sliced bread and absolutely works, well I’m not going to do that because I know that I have even encountered this attitude in my training over the years, in fact every discipline is of value if it works for you, resonates with you, helps you, is right for you and fits your particular needs, there is no one single method that is right, that is the cure all, as I have found myself, but what is right is that we tackle the emotional and mental ailments if we want to see real change in our lives. Let’s face it, many people believe that prayer works and for those individuals who practice prayer it has done, but what if you’re just not there spiritually yet, where does a person go from there, what if you don’t have that level of belief? You need to start somewhere right? We all need something to turn too that can help, it’s called freedom of choice. The same can be said for counselling, hypnotherapy, solution therapy, energy medicine, homeopathy, CBT, EFT, Reiki reflexology and so on. The point is each practitioner I have found will insist that they have found the wholly grail, when in fact, it’s the patient who finds what suits them and that’s exactly why I choose to combine my skills, and not pigeonhole myself into believing that one discipline will help all, especially when modern people are so fragmented these days, and so cases are not as clear as they once may have been.

We have at times all of us suffered some level of stress and upset and taken a vast amount of drugs over the years that have impacted our bodies, so not only do we need to tackle our mental emotional state, but our physical body needs looking after in the gentlest way possible, but it does require attention and no matter how much positive thinking you may do, it’s not going to fully help a client who suffering from the effects of drugs that may need to be detoxed from the body, it’s what we as Homeopaths call ‘an obstacle to cure’ but gaining better mental health certainly will support you and is vitally important to moving forward in life, because without those positive feelings our intellectual brain cannot even seek the solutions to the problems in life.

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