Low cost phone clinic and consultations

Not everyone needs an hour’s appointment in the clinic, especially if a client only needs help with an acute illness such as the cold or the flu. Harrod Natural Health offers a low-cost phone clinic, skype or walk in for those clients who simply need help with these acute illnesses or even if you are needing someone to talk to briefly. The price includes the prescription.

The clinic currently operates 15 minute appointments for £25, 30 minutes for £35 or the full hour for £50 and the appointments can be either carried out via phone, skype or in the clinic that is currently situated in Donaghadee.

Many people find it difficult to get to a clinic and so find that being able to simply phone their health and wellbeing practitioner far easier for them as well as being cost effective and for those who are on a budget it means that they can still access help when they need it. there are also clients who use the phone and skype clinic for Solution therapy sessions and even Hypnotherapy that works well.

I currently have clients who take advantage of this service via the phone for solution therapy as well as homeopathy and find that they are able to not only afford it, but that they also don't have to put aside an hour in order to visit the clinic. These days everyone is so busy and they find that it's not just the time in the clinic that make it impossible, but it's the traveling time to and from the clinic that often doesn't allow for some people to get the help that they need and this is why my clients use the phone clinic so much.


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