Why I don’t believe that homeopathy and Energy medicine is placebo

The first time that I even suffered with a sinus infection I had no idea what it was, up to that point I’d never even suffered with headaches, but I assumed that’s what it must be. Over time I learnt that I was suffering from sinusitis and as the years rolled on it became worse and I even had a procedure in hospital to try and elevate it. Sometimes the infection was so bad that I could hardly move without the pain shooting through my head that was throbbing and constant.

I started using Ibuprofen that appeared to kill the pain, but shortly after having my second son the sinus attacks became so bad that even the ibuprofen stopped working, but worst than that, the sinus infections now seemed to be much worse, which left me desperate, but I continued to suffer for several years.

I started using Homeopathy to ease the pain with great success and I remember the first time that I did my nose started to run profusely, in fact it was running so much that my lip was sore and chapped from having to wipe my nose so much, but If I stopped taking the remedies my nose would stop running and when I started taking them again it would start running once again, but what I also noticed was that once my nose started to run, the pain eased until eventually it was completely gone. The attacks were fewer and fewer as time went on, until they stopped altogether and I was finally free of sinusitis.

I don’t just blindly believe that homeopathy isn’t placebo without any evidence, quite the contrary. I believe that it isn’t placebo due to my own personally experience. During one of my attacks I took my normal sinus remedies in a fairly high potency because the pain was excruciating, 10 minutes or so after taking it the pain was much worse and I believed that the remedy was not working, however I kept taking it and the pain continued to get worst, until it occurred to me that maybe the remedy potency was too high, this can sometimes happen with homeopathy and is called an aggravation of symptoms. I washed out the bottle I had been using for the remedy and filled it with a much lower potency, but again the pain got worst. As I lay on the sofa in agony it occurred to me that maybe I should get a new bottle and put the lower potency into that rather than the old one that had previous contained the higher potency. I don’t know what made me think about doing this; I just felt that I should as nothing was working.

I filed a new bottle with the lower potency and took it and waited. The pain actually started to subside to my surprise, I then accidentally took the potency from the previous bottle that had had the higher potency in it that I cleaned out and replaced with the lower potency, the pain became excruciating yet again. I couldn’t understand why, but then I looked at the bottle and realised that it was the wrong one that I’d taken the remedy from. The first thing that occurred to me was ‘how can this be placebo’ I then took the remedy from the new bottle again that contained the low potency and gradually the pain dissipated once again.

I learnt two things that day. Firstly, If I ever had any doubts that Homeopathy was more than placebo I knew then that it absolutely was not because of the aggravation, Second, I realised that the energy of the high potency couldn’t just be washed away, for some reason it was still in the bottle, despite the fact that I poured the old one out. From then on I was extremely careful with my remedies and never re used my bottles with other potencies. I was very new to Homeopathy at the time when I discovered this and made this era, but I’m glad that it did because it taught me a valuable lesson.

I completely understand why someone may think that Homeopathy is nothing more than placebo, when you look at how it’s made it doesn’t make much sense, well not yet it doesn’t and that’s just it, it doesn’t make sense to us right now, but just because we don’t fully understand something does it mean that we should discount it? And just because we can’t see something under a microscope, doesn’t mean that it’s not there.

There is so much that we still do not understand and so much of this is on a quantum level that I can’t even comprehend, but actually I don’t mind. I’m happy not fully understanding why and how homeopathy and energy medicine works, because my health, the health of my son, my friends and many of my clients is better than it’s ever been and that’s proof enough for me, as well as for them that Homeopathy and energy medicine works.

As far as I’m concerned homeopathy and energy medicine is a gift and one that I’m eternally grateful for.

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