How to beat those anxieties and depression

most of us at some point have experienced low points in our lives and some people have suffered deep bouts of depression throughout life. So how do we get past those moments when the depression and anxieties rear its ugly head once again?

I’m human and I still experience those moments of anxiety from time to time as well as feeling low when things are not going as I had hoped, but we need to understand that these feelings for the majority of us are caused by negative thinking.

It’s incredible just how imaginative a negative mind can be. If you were asked to sit and imagine things going wrong you’d probably find it very easy, as well as working yourself up into a right old mess, most of us do this and it sends us into that fight and flight. You see the mind doesn’t really know the difference between a real threat and a superficial threat, it will treat all your feelings and thoughts in just the same way as if it was actually happening to you and the brain will send out messages to the adrenals so that they can release stress hormones, regardless of whether you are in physical danger or not.

These stress hormones can have a devastating effect on our bodies when we are releasing them every day through our mere thoughts, for instance when you get stressed one of the hormones that you release is histamine and this in turn can cause allergies due to increased histamine in the blood that then causes the inflammatory response that is meant for fending off pathogens.

What I do in my work as health and wellbeing practitioner is incorporate homeopathy, Solution therapy and hypnotherapy so that the client is not only receiving help with the physical ailments that these anxieties and depression have left them with, but through therapy they are able to tackle those deep seated believes that they hold and they can then break the negativity that keeps them in fight and flight every day. A person who thinks more positively about their life is far less likely to suffer with illness and anxieties and as hard as it may be to believe they are caused through negative thinking.

The reason that we find it much easier to be negative rather than positive is simply because the brain is geared up to protect us and is always on the lookout for danger, to be honest if we hadn’t had this mechanism in place when we were cave people we’d have been eaten by a wild animal, but danger is not always present in our everyday modern life, lefts face it, we’re not being chased by wild animals and we don’t hunt either and put our lives in danger in order to get our food, but even though our brains are as advanced as they are, they don’t seem to have realised that we don’t live in caves any longer and so we don’t need to be in this fight and flight every second of the day.

Our brain treats going shopping as a threat if we find it stressful, getting in the car, dealing with the kids fighting, a work colleague bullying us, a school kid bullying a child, arguing with a partner, moving house, getting married, all these everyday activities the brain will perceive as a real threat and one that could kill us and endanger us and so it gears our bodies up to get ready to run or fight.

So now you see why you are so stressed all the time and so unhappy, but you can change it just as easily as flicking a switch, but it takes work and commitment to stop that brain from believing that everything in life is a threat to you.

The important thing to remember is that once we understand what happens physiologically in the body when we become stressed and worried, we can then become more mindful of our thoughts and direct them towards more positive ones and with the help of solution focussed therapy, hypnotherapy and Homeopathy clients can achieve faster results.

Harrod Natural Health has a phone clinic and skype clinic available to those who are unable to travel to the clinic. we also operate a low cost phone clinic for acute ailments.

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