Why the Ego is our worst enemy

Imagine if you lived in a world where no one was trying to outdo anyone else, where we all helped each other out of love and compassion and not competition, where everything that we did we did because we genuinely loved doing it. Just think about how it would feel to actually feel comfortable in your own skin all the time and to not suffer with anxieties, stress and worry. It’s hard to believe that anyone could live like this because the world around us mostly keeps us in fight and flight.

The Ego is there for a reason, it helps us to win and get ahead in life, but it also wants order and this means fighting others in order to do so at times. The Ego is constantly trying to win which is exhausting and places us into a state of fear, it tries and mostly wins at convincing us that it’s ok to feel angry towards others, envious, anxious and big headed about everything and that it’s ok to be impatient and jealous and to want more and more, the Ego is never satisfied and it tells you that once everything falls into place you will then find peace and be happy, it doesn’t want you to know that you can choose to be happy right now.

Guess what? the ego is terrified of failure, but sometimes failure makes us who we are and makes us better more companionate people and can even lead us onto a different and better path then what we originally set out for ourselves, but the Ego will try to win at all cost, even if it means keeping you exactly where you are, when there could and maybe something so much better for you, the Ego doesn’t care, because failure is not an option, or at least the perception of failure. Just think about this for a moment, most people will have been in relationships or a job that was not right for them, but when it finally came to an end their first response is often that they want it back, I have seen this many times in my life with both friends and in the clinic and it’s their ego telling them not to let go, how many times have you said in your life everything happens for a reason and how many times did you say it all worked out for the best in the end, even if at the time it felt like it was a disaster unfolding?

If we could only accept the things around us and allow things to naturally unfold then we would be far happier. I’m not suggesting that we shouldn’t work hard for our goals because we should, but not if you don’t love what you do. You see the difference is that a person who works hard at something that they love want even considers it to be hard work because they work hard at it with joy and pleasure. But the ego will happily have you work hard your entire life at something that gives you no pleasure or joy at all, because it will have you believe that it is a means to an end that serves a greater purpose.

Just imagine if you will that you wake tomorrow morning and stop worrying about how everyone else is doing in life, comparing yourself to others, and stop worrying about if you are good enough, how about you just tell yourself that you are more than good enough, and more importantly actually believe it.

You are a unique individual and your purpose in this life is to find your passion and do all things will love and not fear.

Ask yourself this question, “what is the most loving things that I can do for myself right now”? it may be something as simple as taking 20 minutes just to do some reading that you enjoy, or getting a cup of tea, or it could be to pursue a different job even. A loving thought or action can be large or small.

Try loving yourself, accepting yourself and approving of yourself no matter what is going on in your life, actually say to yourself out loud I approve of myself, I love myself, I’m proud of myself because the ego will never allow you to think these things, Instead it will have your head absolutely spinning while it attempts to win at all costs.

The ego will revel in another person failing in an attempt to feel better about itself, but a person coming from love will only help and encourage and be content in their own skin with their own life choices, so choose to silence that Ego and instead notice what you have in life that is worth being so grateful for and come from a place of love every day, love for what you do, love for the people in your life, love for any hobbies that you have, do all things with love and not fear and watch your world around you change.

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