solutions to sugar addictions.

My birthday is early April so as a child I was often inundated with Easter eggs, my father often recalls the story about how one year my birthday actually fell on Easter day and so I received a mountain of Easter eggs that year. While my friends where off playing at my party, I was happily sat in a corner stuffing my face with chocolate. My step mother had a terrible sugar addiction, though in the 80’s no one ever really spoke about sugar addictions or even recognised the dangers.

Several years on I ended up with a mouth full of fillings and chronic sinusitis that was all down to my eating habits. Thankfully I trained as a Homeopath and so was able to eradicate the sinus attacks completely with time and end my sugar addiction.

I’m a big believer that diets just don’t work because as a homeopath, therapist and psychotherapist I understand how the brain works, and more importantly how it responds to the very word Diet.

You see our primitive brain is geared up to protect us and so anything that makes us feel stressed will be perceived as danger, thus causing a negative emotion, which in turn sends us into fight and flight. This is why diets just don’t work. We need to make long term changes to our diet, but they need to be achievable for the individual and not cause a negative impact.

As a therapist I understand that small achievable steps can be accomplished easily and that they make a person feel good and empowered and these small steps produce a positive emotion, and so not only will we release serotonin, the happy hormone that is our reward for feeling great, but the brain will then seek more ways to achieve even better and bigger outcomes. this is why I encourage my clients to only take small steps in cutting out the foods that are detrimental to their health and the small steps must always come from them and be their ideas.

In my house we have what we call Funky Friday where I allow my son to eat some sugar just on that day, but most of the time he doesn’t want it and will actually turn it down. When clients implement this type of change their brain doesn’t go into fight and flight and they are able to cope because it’s a small realistic achievable step for them. I have witnessed from various clients over time that, small steps become larger steps as they progress and often do things that they would never have dreamt of doing previously.

With the help of homeopathy and solution therapy clients are able to end their sugar addictions and regain their health, and in many cases, better health then they have ever experienced in their life previously.

Solution therapy is all about looking for the positive aspects in life in order for us to start operating from our intellectual brain, rather than keeping us in our primitive brain that would have us convinced that there is constant danger around every corner and action that we take in life.

It is often a relief for clients to hear that it is not necessary for them to talk about their problems when they come for solution therapy or hypnotherapy, because talking about our problems often creates anxiety in the first place and doesn’t focus on solutions. This is where solution therapy differs from counselling and other forms of therapy. Most of us know people who have discussed their problems over and over again and still they don’t make any progress in their life. That’s because talking about a problem doesn’t solve a problem.

What small step can you take today to end the addiction or anything else in your life that you may not be entirely happy with. It may be that you just need to cut sugar out one day a week if the addiction is particularly bad, but the point is your intellectual brain has the ability to help you in a positive way and will help you seek solutions.

If you do overindulge at Easter time, there are many homeopathic remedies that are of huge help for such a situation,

China. For when the abdomen feels full of gas and there is extreme weakness

Lycopodium. The stomach can feel very full after only eating small amounts, as well as feeling distended and there is much flatulence. they also have intense sugar cravings.

Nux-vom. this is a helpful remedy for heartburn and for over indulging

Carbo-veg. the whole abdomen feels like it is full of gas, they may burp, but with very little relief.

Arge-nit. This is a helpful remedy for a person suffering with anxiety and loves their food and sweets.

Harrod Natural Health clinic is situated in Donaghadee, and for those living too far away or without transport, we offer a phone or skype clinic.

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