Don’t give up on your dreams

Over the years whilst I was pursuing varies dreams and jobs I heard so many times from varies sources that ‘if a door doesn’t open then it’s not your door’ I spent years bouncing from one thing to anther bumbling my way through life, really believing this statement and attempting to find the one thing that I was meant to do in life, which frankly left me nowhere, until I started to realise that actually there is a lot to be said for struggling to achieve the things that we want most in life.

It is so easy to give up when it looks like things are not working out for us and at times it feels like it’s some kind of message from the universe, but as time has progressed I’ve also come to understand that if things do come to us far too easily we may not actually truly appreciate them when they arrive, also we have time to adapt that dream and change the way that we work rather than just getting fixated on a particular idea, when we could actually improve the idea that we have because it’s not come to us immediately, In fact the universe gives us time to adapt and be sure of our choices.

Things over the years went badly wrong for me at times and looking back I can say that I really do appreciate all that I now have. It’s a shame that my wiser much older self can’t go back to tell the much younger me, ‘keep believing, don’t give up, keep going with positivity and totally belief in yourself and your dreams, but don’t be fixated with how they will happen or with too much detail, just focus on the vision that you have and keep going for it, but above all, enjoy it and do everything in life with love.

I come from the viewpoint now that no one is ‘out there’ telling us what we must and must not do with our life. The truth is, you will know this for yourself from the way that you feel when you think about doing what it is that you want in life, you just need to be really honest with yourself and then go for it and don’t let anything stand in your way if that is your dream and makes you feel good, but if it doesn't make you feel good and the only motivation is money, then this could be why the door is closed.

Forget about the door that’s not opening for you right now and look at this way. how can you appreciate warmth if you’ve never experienced the cold, how can you truly appreciate company if you’ve never experienced loneliness? How do you become so grateful for the love in your life if you’ve been surrounded by love and indulged all your life and taken love for granted, how can we appreciate a beautiful sunny day without the cold days?

Life isn’t about struggling, it’s about enjoying the journey and knowing that the path that we choose is truly in line with our hearts desires, and that if it isn’t then we have time to choose a new path if we desire to do so, but just because it may not work out the way that we had planned and may be taking longer than we had hoped, it doesn’t mean that it’s not your door, it may mean that you need to knock a little louder with determination and belief and then just be patient in the knowledge that it will happen at the right time in the right circumstances.

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