what if Homeopathy is in fact placebo?

First of all, I want to make something very clear here, I don’t personally believe that Homeopathy is placebo, due to the fact I’ve seen it work. In the past I have used varies remedies to try and alleviate symptoms of sinusitis pain that did not work, but those same symptoms have disappeared immediately when I have switched to a different remedy, surely if it was placebo then the first remedies would have worked?

In Homeopathy we have something called an aggravation, it isn’t anything to be concerned with or even dangerous, but it can and rarely occurs when the potency is too high and needs to be changed, but it does show that Homeopathy can’t be placebo. On one such occasion when I suffered with a Sinusitis attack I took a remedy and my symptoms became much worse, I allowed this to past and took the remedy again and the very same thing happened, so then I took a lower potency and it eradicated the pain very quickly, but then I accidentally took the high potency again and guess what? the aggravation (worsening of symptoms) occurred again, I realised the mistake that I’d made and sometime later I took a lower potency and once again the pain disappeared.

Homeopathy has been used successfully for animals by Homeopathic vets, farmers and pet owners, Parents to young infants have also witnessed their child’s symptoms improve after administering Homeopathic remedies, I’m going to state the blooming obvious here, animals have no clue what placebo is any more than babies do, but non believers come back to this argument about placebo every single time as though they've stuffed cotton wool in their ears.

But here’s the thing, even though I don’t personally believe that homeopathy is placebo, largely due to what I’ve witnessed in clinic, my own health and that of my child, so what if it is? An awful lot of people have a huge amount of success with this so called placebo, which means that they don’t have to use expensive toxic drugs in its place, isn’t that a good thing? well according to those against Homeopathy, it isn't a good thing as they'd rather see us all drugged up instead.

Dr Chris Van Tulleken presenter of the BBC programme ‘the doctor who gave up drugs’ 2016 highlighted that an average healthy person could easily consume 100,000 pills in a lifetime, that’s a healthy person we're talking about here, not a sick one! During this series he also highlighted that even toxic pharmaceutical drugs act as placebo when he proved that one such lady on the programme had been relying on pain killers for years for her back pain, however, when he switched her drugs for placebos she still received some pain relief from the pills that she believed to be her pain killers that she had been taking for years, that’s a pretty expensive placebo in comparison to Homeopathic placebos don't you think?

Everyone is aware of the strain on the NHS and all the cost cuts that have been made, that incidentally put everyone’s life at risk, because we do need doctors and emergency medicine, but what I struggle to understand is that if Homeopathy is nothing more than placebo that has helped a huge amount of people around the globe at a fraction of the cost, then why would the powers that be work so hard at trying to get rid of it? I think that most people deep down know the answer to that question, it’s all in the name of profit.

So what if Homeopathy is a placebo and may be something that we don’t understand yet? are they really trying to tell us that it’s better to take a toxic drug in place of a so called placebo that is a fraction of the price. that has been shown to alleviate pain, sickness and ill health, who are these people trying to protect, us or themselves or their profits? Remember, healthy people are not very profertable.

If Homeopathy is nothing but nonsense then why not end the attack on it once and for all, surely people would sooner or later get sick of Homeopaths and stop going to them or ordering remedies from Homeopathic pharmacies wouldn’t they? If Homeopaths are really all bonkers and of no real threat then why not leave them to get on with it, surely they’ll sink eventually, but that’s just the problem, this so-called placebo continues to work its magic around the world, could you imagine the burden that would be lifted from the NHS overnight if suddenly our need for pharmaceutical drugs was more than halved due to this placebo, as well as other complementary therapies.

let’s say that homeopathy is placebo for just a moment, Basically what everyone is being told is to stop taking something that has no side effects whatsoever, could very well help with your health at a fraction of the price, may well alleviate your pain and suffering, but rather come over here and start taking this toxic drug instead that costs an absolute fortune that is crippling the country, you will also possibly need to take another drug to counteract the symptoms of the drug which you’ve been prescribed, you will most likely suffer side effects from the drugs and chances are it’ll never actually get rid of the ailments that you are currently suffering form, but it will suppress them for you, maybe.

The attack on Homeopathy as well as other complementary therapies is ever growing and those who are non-believers have tried many tactics in the past to attempt to debunk Homeopathy once and for all. For the longest time they stated that ‘there is no scientific evidence for homeopathy’. and still do, never mind the fact that there are trials that have been run successfully and lots of them actually, their long-standing argument that they have stuck to has been that Homeopathy is so diluted that there is nothing left and so it’s nothing but nonsense, but over the years that argument has lost its grip considerably, especially with therapies such as energy medicine that are now very popular.

we now appear to have a new understanding and acceptance for energy medicine along with other therapies and accept that man really doesn’t know or understand everything in the universe and quite how it works, interestingly though I have even seen and read claims that Homeopathy isn’t safe due to it still containing trace amounts of the original substance, if you are confused by this you’re not the only one, they can’t have it both ways, either there is nothing left or there is, but we as homeopaths know that there is something left and isn't toxicity, it’s called energy and is completely safe

I’ve have even heard that Homeopaths are acting irresponsibly, but I can tell you that I have always referred patients back to the doctor if I’ve ever had any doubts whatsoever about a case and feel that they should get a second opinion and diagnosis.

No doubt Homeopaths will continue to be ridiculed all in the name of profit and are even accused of conning people with their quackery, but I can assure you that people out there who have received help from homeopaths and Homeopathy don’t feel coned, what they feel is gratitude.

I know which placebo I’ll continue to use, but the question is which pill will you take?

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