Homeopathy for insect bites

I love the summer and always have done, but it's not without its issues. Summer time brings hay fever on for many people and at the moment that appears to be the main focus in the clinic during these sunny months. I’m lucky enough that I don’t suffer with hay fever, however whilst I was working in my garden this last week I found myself suffering from something else equally as irritating, insect bites! I was pushing my lawn mower around when I felt my hand stinging and there was a huge black fly sitting on my hand. I’m not a lover of insects and never have been and so I quickly swiped it off and thought nothing more about it, but several hours later the area that I had been bitten was itching, sore and red, but thankfully Homeopathy can help with this. Last year my son was stung by a wasp and after giving him Apis and using Apple Cider vinegar on the affected area within minutes he was feeling much better and the pain had subsided.

There are many remedies out there that can help with such situations, but here are a few to assist you if you happen to need them.

Apis this is a remedy that I always think of first for stings. You will know when you need Apis as the area is red and swollen and will be stinging and feel warm.

Urtica urens also useful when the skin is stinging, red and swollen, but here the bites can look like hives

Ledum the skin will feel cold to the touch and the person who has been stung will feel better if cold applications are applied to the site of the sting. The area also looks cold and pale

If you want to avoid getting bitten in the first place then it’s very simple to make a natural repellent from coconut oil and essential oils. All I do is add a couple of drops of lavender, Eucalyptus, peppermint and citronella with the coconut oil and mix it up. If you don’t wish to use coconut oil then you can put the essentials oils into a spray bottle with water. I didn’t do this over the week end and was bitten so I’ll be doing it today if I go out gardening again.

Enjoy the sun.

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