Homeopathy for sports injuries, recovery and broken bones.

Sport’s is always a hot topic over the summer months, especially recently considering how well the England football team did this year. Personally I’m not a big fan of sports, though I couldn’t help watching the football this year for obvious reasons and I love nothing more than kicking the football around in the garden with the dog and my son when the sun is out, as well as going for those lovely long walks, but even I’ve noticed as I get older now that I can ache after exercising.

Did you know that Homeopathy has been used and is still used by many athletes, some of which are famous? Homeopathy has helped athletes to recover from injuries, as well as long training periods when their bodies are put under a lot of physical stress and they can become exhausted.

For instance, Rhus tox is excellent for tired muscles and I frequently use it after I’ve done a lot of walking. I walk around 20 to 30 miles with my dog every week and my muscles can really feel fatigued at times, but Rhus tox is excellent when I feel very stiff some time later after a long walk, it’s also a great remedy for over exertion. Many people who take this remedy suffer from arthritic conditions, especially when the condition is worst in cold and damp weather.

There are many athletes who use arnica for injuries and it’s useful for soft tissue injuries such as bruises. Arnica is also helpful for mental shock and stress as well as different forms of trauma. I always think of Arnica as being really nutritive to the body because it helps the healing process. It’s actually also very good for jet lag, because people often feel exhausted after flights. When I travel back home to England this summer for a couple of weeks I’ll have to drive for several hours to get back down south and so I’ll be taking plenty of this to help with the exhaustion after the travelling.

Symphytum officinale has been used to help ease the pain of Broken bones, as well as aiding in the repair of them. The herb is known as Comfrey also otherwise known as “knit-bone”. The actual herb can be toxic to the liver, but the beauty of homeopathy is that in homeopathic potency it is totally safe to use.

If you’ve not tried Homeopathy before for injuries or even recovery then why not give it a go.

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