Dogs that are afraid of fire works and thunder could benefit from phosphorus

Before I became a homeopath I wouldn’t have known what to do to help my dogs when they were cowering under the table when the fireworks were going off, or when the thunder and lightning started, actually if it was thunder and lightning I would often want to hide under the table myself to be honest, as I’ve never been a huge fan of it and it’s always had me pretty petrified.

Fortunately I now use Phosphorus to help in those situations, especially if my little dog is shaking in the corner of the room while the fireworks are going off.

This remedy has a lot more uses and I’ve listed just a few here on the picture for you to see, but the main theme is that the person, or pet that could benefit from this remedy have a lot of fears and burning, when you think about where phosphorus is derived from its little wonder that it actually helps these very ailments. Phosphorus is used in matches, fireworks, fire crackers and sparklers. It’s also found in meat and cheese.

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