Nausea during a cold and after

I’m going to talk very briefly about something that appears to affect a lot of people around this time of year. I’ve been unwell this week with a particularly nasty cold as have lots of others people, but I have had a fair few patients recently come to me and saying that they feel sick, either whilst they they are suffering from a cold or after the cold.

There can be a number of reasons for this, but I have found that on the whole it’s due to swallowing mucus, I know, sounds disgusting and a great many people don’t swallow mucus consciously at all,

I myself have fallen victim to this and it was largely due to the fact that I unwittingly like others swallowed mucus in my sleep. When we have colds, we inevitably have excess mucus and it can and often will drip down the back of our throat and into our stomach. The mucus irritates the stomach and can cause us to vomit, or at the very least make us feel nauseous.

I often see this with young children when parents say that their child has a cold but then started vomiting. Of course, there can always be other factors and it’s important that you get checked out by your doctor if you are in any doubt at all.

If you have had a cold or still have one and you’re suffering with nausea then you may benefit from taking Homeopathic ipecacuanha, just try 30c to begin with. If you have pain then Ipecacunaha also suffers with gripping pains in the stomach. I have found this remedy to be very helpful in the past for certain nausea.

It is worth baring in mind that there are many Homeopathic remedies for Nausea, however, Ipecacuanha is specifically for when you think that you have ingested mucus.

the most important thing though is that you get the rest that you need whilst you are unwell, stay hydrated and take the time to recover.

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