Tinnitus is experienced differently by everyone. Some people will say that they hear ringing whilst others may describe whistling, roaring, hissing humming and buzzing sounds, but however it’s experienced it can cause a great deal of stress to an individual which can actually make the symptoms far worst due to the anxiety they suffer that's associated to this condition.

Tinnitus is clearly a problem with the ears, but did you know that in Chinese medicine the kidneys are connected to the ear energy and that the kidneys represents fear?

whenever I speak to a client who is suffering from tinnitus I pretty much also tailor treatments that include the kidneys as well as the ears, Of course I’m interested as a practitioner as well though if clients have ever been exposed to loud noises or suffered any head injuries in the past as these can also be factors, I also want to know if they are on any medication such as Antibiotics and dietetics as these too can also be causes of tinnitus,

there are herbs and homeopathic remedies that could help with this condition such as Lycopodium where the noises are humming and roaring and you may experience a type of echoing in the ear when you talk. People who need this remedy may also suffer with digestive issues.

Ginko herb. This stimulates the circulation and may improve mental performance as well, it is also an antioxidant.

Kali-iodatum is a very big remedy for tinnitus and coccus is a helpful remedy for when there is cracking in the ears that is worst when the individual lays down and wakes up, it’s also worst on the left side. China is helpful when the sounds in the ear are humming roaring or singing and the person feels better for open air.

There are a great many remedies that could possibly be of help for this condition that far exceed this list and what’s important though is a full case history is taken from a client and that any possible causes for the tinnitus are investigated.

Homeopathy is so individual for each person just as symptoms are individual for everyone who suffers with tinnitus and any other illness and so this is why it is so important that we spend time researching every aspect of the individual who has sought help, such as their likes and dislikes, how long they have been unwell, when it happened and how they experience it, by doing this it allows practitioners like myself to tailer their treatment that is specific for them.

Because we know that Tinnitus is connected to the kidney energy, I would ask you “what is it that you are so afraid of in life?'' it’s worth sitting and really thinking about this because often we are not even aware that we have deep seated fears in life and once we recognise that we do, then we can do something about them and start to tackle them in a constructive and positive way.

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