Homeopathy for the garden and plants

I’m certainly not the greatest gardener in the world, but like others I still enjoy pottering around the garden and growing vegetable and herbs for ourselves and wild flowers to try and encourage the bees. though I have had many issues with slugs in the past and other varies insects and pests that appear to like to devour my plants that I’ve lovingly cared for.

I don’t just use Homeopathy for my clients, but I’ve also found that it works wonders on my plants, especially when I’ve had slugs eating my courgettes in the garden and tomatoes. the slug infestation was so bad at one point in my conservatory that my electric in the house tripped due to a slug finding it's way into a socket in the wall and consequentially frying itself, but since using the Homeopathic remedies for these little critters I've had far fewer slugs and they have even almost disappeared. There are different ways that you can use homeopathy for the garden, but I personally like to scatter the pills around the plants, but it’s not essential and most people spray or water the plants with the pills in the watering can or in a spray bottle.

If you too are suffering from slug infestation then try Helix Tosta. put a couple of pills in a watering can and water away, 30c should be just fine or even 6c. I personally find that just spraying the plants just isn’t enough to deter the slugs and that you do need to give them a good watering with the remedy in the water. There are some really good books on Amazon all about this subject and I’d suggest anyone who’s a keen gardener to go and check them out.

If you are having problems with white fly and other mites and rot on your plants then you may find that petroleum 6c or 30c could help. Again drop the pills into a watering can and give it a stir. I would also spray the leaves with this mixture, but make sure that the spray bottle you use has not been used for anything else in the past.

Having problems with white butterflies and caterpillars then Apis Mellifica is also another remedy to try.

Before the season starts it’s a good idea to give Silicea to the area that you will be planting in, this just helps to promote the plant growth and strengthen the plants In the long term. The way that I see it is that just like people, if we make sure that the plants and soil is healthy in the first place then they are less prone to diseases later in life and silicea is a great remedy for building up the resources in plants and people.

Happy gardening

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