Homeopathy for anxiety

It’s been mental health awareness week this week and there has been a lot on social media and TV about this subject.  It’s surprising just how many people are suffering from this debilitating condition and when we have awareness weeks such as this we quickly realise that there are a great many other people out there who are feeling just the same way and that it’s far more common that you may have thought. 

I know that for many people it’s a relief to hear that they are not alone in feeling the way that they do.     So many times I’ve had patients tell me that they felt so alone and that they must be the only one feeling this way and that they have felt so guilty and isolated, but when they hear that a great many people feel just as they do and that it’s fairly common it brings them a sense of relief to know this and that they are not alone in feeling this way, they are not strange and that there are ways of tackling it.

There is a lot of different help out there now and different approaches suit different people such as talking therapy that we do in the clinic as well as  Homeopathy, diet can also play a huge part and so cutting out certain foods such as sugar which can be a major trigger for anxieties. can often help.   Homeopathic remedies such as Arsenicum, Naturum-Mur, Ignatia, aconite, argentums-niticum, calc-carb and Gelsenium are just a few to mention that could be of some help, but homeopathy is very individual and needs detailed consultations in order to find the right course of treatment for the individual.

Meditation can also be of help with anxieties and learning to quieten the mind, as many people who suffer will often say that they feel like their brain never stops and that they find it hard to relax and this can have an impact on their sleep also.

If you would like to explore Talking therapies such as Solution focussed therapy and hypnotherapy that we offer in the clinic or Homeopathy then you can contact us via email at harrodnaturalhealth@gmail.com

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