Flu and cold Homeopathic remedies

It seems that there is a lot of colds and flu going around at the moment, but these remedies may be of help.


you may need this remedy if the discharge from your nose is burning and you may feel anxious and irritable


Helpful for headaches that have come on suddenly that are throbbing. when I think of this remedy I think of heat, red and hot. useful for temperatures with this characteristic.


This remedy is useful for shock, but also shock from the cold whereby a person will suddenly come down with a cold after being exposed to cold winds. they will want a lot of water and it can be very helpful for dry croupy coughs.


you may feel restless and your bones feel very achy all over. may also have a thirst.


this is so helpful when you feel extremely weak and limp. Muscles ache all over and feel heavy and there is trembling from this weakness.


there is much saliva with this remedy with a fowl taste in the mouth. The saliva is so bad that it stains the bed sheets and makes them yellow. feeling of restlessness with irritability and much sweating.


very runny nose that makes makes the skin very sore and red, this is due to the fact that the coryza is very acidic.


This has been used for influenza and is best used a the very beginning of the illness, but can be combined with other remedies. They also have a headache that can be alleviated with this that feels as though its bursting.


I often find that this remedy is mostly used at end of colds and flu were the mucus has turned

yellow/green, but it can be used at any stage if these symptoms are present at the time. a Pulsatilla character needs consoling and comfort. children will want their parent and company and can become clingy. physically there may be a dry mouth and they are better for fresh air and find stuffy environments aggravate the symptoms.

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