5G, EMF (Electromagnetic Radiation) and Homeopathic Remedies.

We live with radiation around us everyday and we’ve come to accept it as part of the norm, but does it ever occur to you that many of your health issues and symptoms that you may be getting could be down to this radiation that you have been living with for most of your life now, especially the younger generation who were not even around when we didn't have mobile phones and the internet.

Symptoms appear to creep up on us slowly and so we seem to forget that we didn’t always suffer with depression, fatigue, headaches, tiredness, anxiety and a lack of concentration and so we just assume that sickness is all part of getting older, rather than looking into deeper and possibly more sinister causes.

There could be many reasons for sickness, so it is important that we always rule this out and speak to a medical professional, but very often there seems to be no reason or justification for people suffering with the many symptoms that are associated with radiation and I would urge that you take the time to go and research this topic for yourself and the symptoms associated to exposure to radiation, but I have actually had clients who have told me that they simply can not live with WI FI in their houses, that they do not have it and if they go into a house which does have it or even shops then they start to feel dizzy.

of course everyone suffers differently and whilst most of us will be able to live with a certain amount of radiation clients like these show me that even though they may have a heightened sensitivity to EMF, to the point that it does have an impact on their life, it also shows me that it's very real and so must effect us all on some level that we are unaware of, which in my mind is worst, because unlike my clients who recognise that its there and have taken steps to alleviate the anxiety and damage that it may be causing them we don't because we don't feel it as strongly.

Now as Homeopaths we are not permitted to say that we cure, heal, treat, diagnose, protect, or anything that suggest that we help in any way at all actually, but I have used Homeopathy now for years and so too have my many clients with success and so it stands to reason that Homeopathy may very well help to alleviate many of the symptoms that can be associated to radiation, such as 5G, as well as so much more.

We don’t even think about the fact that we live in houses surrounded by Wi Fi for our Alexa’s, lap tops, TV’s, mobile phones, game consoles and so much more, so how can we possibly know about the effects that these devices are actually having on our bodies as well as our mental wellbeing?

Homeopathy is safe unlike the EMF (Electro magnetic field) that surrounds us everyday and so why not try it to try and help to alleviate not only the symptoms but to try and protect us from a certain amount that just can’t be avoided. Even if you chose not to have a house without these gadgets we are all still surrounded by it, absolutely everywhere now outside, in schools and shops so what have you got to lose? the Homeopathic remedies are not going to damage you and if anything, they may well help. Think about the many children right now who often say that they are fatigued, tired and appear to be lacking in energy and they are surrounded by EMF in schools.

This is a combination that I have put together and you should be able to order the remedies on line individually easily. If you’re not one of my clients there are lots of very good Homeopathic companies online who can send these to you.

I would suggest taking these remedies in a low potency, but the potency does depend largely on symptoms that may be experienced as well as the amount of EMF you are exposed to everyday.

Homeopathic combination for EMF and 5G radiation






If you feel that you need further help and support then you can contact me on one of the numbers below to make an appointment either in the Calne Clinic based in Wiltshire or via Skype, face book video messenger or what’s app video.

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