A Case Of Severe Constipation

Recently I had a teenager come to me online needing help with Constipation. The young lady in question had not managed to pass her bowels for over a month and was considerably stressed and anxious, understandable. I asked if it was really that long since she had passed them and if she had managed to even pass just small amounts during this time, but she replied with “no nothing, I’ve not passed anything at all” As a result, she had also become very bloated, it was getting harder and harder for her to eat and she was losing her appetite.

She had visited the doctor, who had prescribed her laxatives, but these appeared to do nothing for her and so out of desperation she decided to try Homeopathy.

During the course of the online consultation, it transpired that she started to become constipated right after she had been admitted to hospital. So, I asked her why she had been admitted and what had she been suffering with? The reason we ask this question and why it is so important is because Homeopathy does not just treat the presenting symptoms, but it gets to the root cause of the issue and so, if this young lady in question had become constipated just after being admitted to hospital, then it was plausible that something was the catalyst around that event that caused her to become so constipated.

She then informed me that she had become very sick after she had been out drinking one evening with her friends, because someone had spiked her drink and so she was rushed to hospital!

Once I had this information it was a clear and cut case of poisoning that had caused the constipation, as well as the shock of the event which had clearly had an affect.

After taking all the symptoms into account and the causation of the case I immediately sent the indicated remedies to my client. Only a short while after taking the remedies she reported that she was finally passing her bowels, to begin with several times a day, which was clearly needed, but now She is recovering and her bowel movements are normalising nicely. she's obviously feeling somewhat relieved and much happier now.

This is a great example of why it is so important to get to the root cause of any illness and not just treat the presenting symptoms.

If you would like to make an appointment, I do run the online clinic as well as face to face appointments.

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