Clean up and Detox with Homeopathy After Christmas and new year.

So New Year is just around the corner and no doubt there will be more eating and drinking to be had yet. It's no surprise that many people feel very lethargic and drained after the festive seasons and find that they're dragging themselves to work, and whilst for the most part this can be due to the food and drink that we consume, it is also down to the extra stress and strain that we are under every year to try and ensure that everyone is happy, that all the food is done, that everyone has what they want, all the presents have been brought, and everyone has been catered for, in short Christmas and New year can be draining with the extra work, organisation and financial strain that it brings.

This isn't just about food and drink, 2020 has been a particular difficult year for everyone, and Christmas can be a challenge at the best of times for some.

There are lots of people feeling mentally and physically drained right now and only too happy to say farewell to this year. when we are under this sort of pressure the best thing that we can do is to stick to a healthy diet and ensure that we take time for ourselves, but that's usually the last thing that we do because we just want a "pick me up" and so often we opt for the rich sugary foods, rather than something that would not have an effect on our adrenals and make us more anxious or more sluggish in the long run, and we don't take time out for ourselves.

It is possible to support your organs and body with homeopathy, to start detoxing, boost your immune system and feel greater vitality everyday. Everyone knows that alcohol effects our organs, as well as the food that we eat and that in turn this also has an effect on our mental health as well as our physical health, but not many people understand that if we have a fatty liver then we often see anger in patients and if we support the liver we notice that a person becomes more relaxed and happy within themselves and alcohol has a very big impact on the liver.

If you are feeling angry, anxious, weak and lethargic then it may be time to start detoxing and supporting yourself mentally and emotionally. It's also important to remember that this may be a time when there are people who have been feeling incredibly isolated which could cause feelings of depression and loss.

Appointments can be made by texting, emailing or phoning.

Appointments are available in the Calne Wellbeing Clinic or can be held via Skype, phone, or video such as what's app or face book messenger.

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