Homeopathic remedy for Allergies,food poisoning,Anxiety, Pneumonia and asthma

It’s that time of year again, allergy season!

Are you someone who suffers with allergies year in and year out that just make your life an utter misery and are you struggling to get them under control?

There are many Homeopathic remedies that could help with allergies, but Arsenicum Album does cover many of the more common symptoms for a lot of people, it’s also one of the Homeopathic first aid remedies.

This short video will help you to understand how you may be able to use Arsenicum in a first aid situation, such as food poisoning and how it’s helpful for allergies, but it will also show you that as a remedy it has a lot of other great uses.

just click the link below to watch the video and others in the series on Homeopathic first aid remedies.


If you would like an appointment these can be carried out via video call on Skype or Face book video. The clinic is also situated in Donaghadee, but due to the current lock down it is currently shut.

You can either send an email, text or phone for an appointment.

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