Alopecia, greasy hair and thinning hair. Try Homeopathy

Alopecia and hair issues

Not many people know that prior to becoming a homeopath I was actually a hairdresser and so I witnessed many of my clients suffering with hair loss or thinning hair.

My Nan used to say that you hair is your crown and glory and I think for many people that's right, if our hair isn't right then it seems to make or break how we are feeling.

It’s not commonly known that on average we lose around 100 to 200 hairs a day, and that’s normal, but if our hair growth temporarily slows down, as it can do after child birth, stress or illness then we often see a change in the thickness. During pregnancy the rate at which we lose our hair actually slows down which is what gives many women that bloom look and lustrous lovely thick hair and this occurs due to an increase in oestrogen. As soon as they give birth they begin to once more shed the normal amount once again, and in some cases, due to hormonal changes more hair can be lost causing thinning. Quiet often though women believe that their hair is getting thinner after childbirth, when in fact they are shedding what they would normally have lost prior to pregnancy.

Hair problems can be caused by thyroid issues such as hypothyroidism as well as deficiencies like iron. anemia lack of zinc or b vitamins are also factors. The contraceptive pill can also play a part, as well as anticoagulant drugs and Ring worm can cause bald patches that are permanent, but generally alopecia is thought of as being an autoimmune problem.

There can be many reasons for loosing hair or thinning hair and homeopathy looks at getting to the root cause of the problem, rather than just treating the symptoms. For instance, as a homeopath, we would want to know when the issue occurred, was it after giving birth or after feeling depressed, is the hair brittle and dry, is it related to any hormonal changes, did the client suffer any serious injury to the head prior to the hair loss and how much hair loss is apparent? It is also important to understand what is associated to the hair loss and the emotions of the individual in question, they may have suffered from a shock or even grief, or there may be other health issues that need addressing. These are factors that your GP wouldn't necessarily be interested in, but are none the less vitally important in order to understand the case better.

We often see patients who have premature greying hair and this can be as simple as the pigment that colours our hair running out, much like a pen does, it can also be down to a lack of vitamins such as B5 and PABA which is found in folic acid. Stress can also cause premature greying, and in severe cases it can even be a indicator for auto immune disease. If you have premature greying then it may be worth taking B12 and B complex as well as Zink which helps to support the immunity.

For those suffering greasy hair, this is all down to over active sebaceous glands, something I know a lot about as its plagued me half my life as well as many of my hairdressing clients. The grease that we find on our hair is actually called sebum and its there to help protect us from possible infections, but when we produce too much of this it can be down to frequent washing or hormonal issues.

The problem with washing hair is that the moment that you remove the sebum the body recognises this and goes about replacing it straight away, so the more you wash the greasier it will get. we see this internally when we strip the body of anything, More often than not if we use de contestants then we find that we end up worst over time as with many drugs that strip the body of anything because we will just make more mucus or whatever it is that we are trying to control and get rid off. This is why Homeopathy is so helpful and unique, because it doesn't strip the body of anything, in fact it's based on the principle of like cures like, so often we give the body the very substance that it has too much off in minute doses and it recognises it and equilibrium (balance) is achieved.

The first thing to try if you have over active sebaceous glands is to stop washing your hair so much………. yes I know it looks disgusting if you don’t wash it, but the body is clever and if you are someone who washes their hair everyday then try and reduce this to every other day for a few weeks, then every 3 days and so on, I guarantee you that if the problem is not down to a medical issue then you will be able to get on top of it and reduce the oil production and find that your hair only gets oily once a week or even less.

If you have greasy skin and hair and suffer with spots then Homeoapthy and vitamins may well be a good option, but remember, just like hair, oily skin should not be cleaned too often or even more oil will be produced. of course you can gently wash your face every day, but do not be too rough with your skin in an attempt to rid the oil. Try to de-tox the liver and take vitamin B complex. It is best to avoid dairy, re-balance the gut flora and take plenty of fibre, fresh vegetables and drink plenty of water to flush out toxins. As a Homeopath we use a lot of remedies to support the liver, kidneys and the gut, which all play a role in skin and hair health.

I have personally found that horsetail silica very helpful for my clients in my hairdressing days, but make sure that you always read any contraindications before taking herbs.

If you would like to make an appointment to see me then I work on Skype, face time or in the Calne wellbeing clinic for face-to-face consultations


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