Are you feeling anxious fearful and uncertain right now?

Most people are feeling anxious about the current situation right now and worried.

If you are being consumed with anxiety then Homeopathy may be able to assist in alleviating the symptoms. I have listed some remedies below that you may find helpful. there are many more remedies and consultations are advised, but you may find that one of these helps.

Aconite A helpful remedy when panic and anxiety is sudden. The person needing this remedy may fear death and even believe that they are going to die and these feelings are intense. It would be worth watching the YouTube video that I did for this remedy to give you an idea.

Argentum Nitricum - This is a helpful remedy for those who are fearful and nervous and they may well suffer with digestion issues as a result.

Arsenicum Album - A person who may need this remedy will be worried and afraid of being left alone. There is a great restlessness to them with anxiety and fear of death and they may feel exhausted from the least amount of exertion. They are fastidious individuals especially if they become unwell and can suffer from obsessive disorders.

Calcarea carbonica- These people just want to feel safe and protected in life, they desire stability above anything else and will become very anxious when it is threatened in one way or another. They can become very selfish when they are feeling insecure and at times can be withdrawn as a result.

Currently consultations are only being carried out via Skype, phone or face time. To book an appointment phone or text 07919378323 or email

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