Asthma, Pleurisy And Breathing Difficulties

I have had a fair few people coming to me with breathing issues recently, some have asthma and some had the flu or virus and never fully recovered from it and seemed to be left with long term breathing complications.

When my second son was very young he developed asthma and it was really scary at the time. The asthma attacks that he suffered with never seemed to be relieved with his inhaler and as time went on they just got worst and worst until I felt like I was spending my life in A and E with him on a nebulizer and yet he wasn't getting better and it wasn't helping him long term.

I enrolled on a Homeopathic course when he was a young toddler and from then on I decided to try and help him with Homeopathy, I'm very happy to say that it worked thankfully. I remember the last asthma attack that he ever had and how it vanished after he took that little white homeopathic pill.

Homeopathy is not a one size fits all medicine and it can take time to unravel the case and find the right remedy and at the time it was my lovely tutor who realised what the remedy was that he needed, you see my son always did this strange thing when he suffered with an attack, at least it seemed strange to me at the time. Whenever he was struggling to breath he would lay on his front on the floor or over his bean bag on his front. I always thought that it looked as though he was constricting his lungs by dong this and compressing his chest, but for him it was comfortable and he was able to breath far better. I remember telling my tutor that he was doing this and I thought it was a really odd thing to do when you're struggling to breath, but she immediately said "oh my daughter used to do that and my Homeopath told me to give her Medorrhinum" Wow I thought to myself, my son isn't the only child who lays on his front whilst having an asthma attack!! not so strange after all then. I immediately gave him some Meddorhrinum and voila!! the asthma attack stopped dead in its tracks.

That wasn't the last attack that he ever had back then, he had a couple of others, but I gave him some more remedies with the Medorrhinum, as the symptoms had changed slightly and then soon after he had his last ever attack and that was years ago. He's all grown up now and left home able to breath without the help of any drugs thankfully.

I myself suffered with breathing issues after I got a virus back in feb 2019. When I was pregnant with my son many years ago I got pleurisy and in 2019 after getting a lung virus I got pleurisy again. I tried several different remedies to begin with, but none helped me, until I tried aconite which started to work immediately. within a few hours I was already feeling better and after a couple of days I was well on the road to recovery, again without the help of any drugs. Once I recovered from the pleurisy I did seem to be left with a bit of a wheeze and rattling on my chest, but over the weeks that followed I soon knocked that on the head with the help of Homeopathy and made a full recovery without any lasting effects. Incidentally, aconite is particularly helpful for asthma suffers if it is accompanied with chest pain.

I have a couple of close friends who have suffered with asthma and turned to Homeopathy to help them and their breathing is much improved. I also have clients who have been helped with Homeopathy whether it be asthma or some other sort of breathing issue the Homeopathy in their own words has changed their life.

I work online mainly and if you would like an appointment so please feel free to contact me.

I am in no way advising that the use of pharmaceutical drugs should be stopped or replaced. If you are concerned then do not hesitate to contact your medical professional and seek medical help immediately

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