Homeopathic Belladonna for high temperatures, headaches, sore throats heatstroke and sunburn

Temperature -this is a helpful remedy for when there is a temperature and the face is red and hot, it may even look puffy, Despite the raised temperature though, their face is hot and their limbs can be cold with an internal coldness and they will feel better being wrapped up.

Heatstroke -with heatstroke and this remedy we will see the red face again which is bright red. The pupils may be dilated and though their mouth is dry from the heat stroke and other ailments they have no thirst with this remedy and they may be restless, anxious and confused.

Headaches -with a belladonna headache we see heat again, which is the most pronounced theme with this remedy and the pain from the headache is a throbbing. This remedy can often be helpful if a headache has been brought on by too much heat, such as the sun and they may be made worst if they bend backward.

Sunburns this remedy will be of use after sunburn were the skin is red hot and burning, the remedy can assist with drawing heat out of the skin.

Sore throat again there will be heat, the throat is red hot and burning and it may even have the sensation of feeling constricted, as if there is a lump in the throat

Coughing the belladonna cough is tickling and dry without a thirst, it will also be worst at night time

Earache the ear will feel sensitive,hot and painful, there may be swelling in the ear and a bulging ear drum

Conjunctivitis the conjunctivitis will be burning were this remedy is helpful.

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