Blocked Heart Energy

You may not know this, but the heart represents joy and so when the heart energy is blocked we literally feel a lack of joy in our life, but it doesn’t just end there, we can and often do suffer with other physical ailments when the heart energy is blocked.

Firstly, heart energy can become blocked when we suffer emotional trauma in life. It’s no coincidence that many police officers who are continually exposed to emotional upset can end up with hardened hearts, this is because they can become emotionally shut down in order to protect themselves, incidentally there are high numbers of police officers who go on to have heart attacks later in life too, and we see this with other people who have suffered in life and felt let down over the years, they get to the point were they no longer trust and so they shut off their hearts and often come across as hard and uncaring.

The heart corresponds to our relationship to love, love gives our lives meaning and without meaning our joy for life can diminish.

When we see patients who have blocked heart energy, then we may see issues such as aggressive behavior, a lack of joy in their life, nervousness, anxiety, feeling burnt out, muddled thinking and confusion, feelings of being overwhelmed, restless sleep and anxious dreams. Physically we may see that a person could suffer with muscles tension, dizziness and feeling light headed, sleeping too much as well as too little, cold hands and feet, loss of sex drive, forgetfulness, as well as being absent minded, and suffering from night sweats.

The heart rules the blood and blood vessels, it regulates the flow of blood and stores the shen, or spirit. When the heart energy flows correctly then blood also flows correctly and smoothly and so the shen, or the spirit Is nourished and we respond appropriately to our environment and people.

Disharmony in the heart and its ability to store shen can lead to more serious disorders such as hysteria, insanity, irrational behavior and delirium. We have all heard people use the term cold hearted or heartless when a person appears to lack empathy and warmth for others but we have also heard the term big hearted or warm hearted when someone is loving, kind, compassionate and giving.

Even the medical profession understand and know that those who suffer with anger, stress and anxiety are at a higher risk of developing cardio vascular ailment's. Those who feel dominated by their work schedule and have excessive pressure, coupled with a poor lifestyle that consists of alcohol and smoking with a poor diet are all contributing factors to an increase risk of heart attacks and a hardening of the arteries. This type of lifestyle is indicative to those who are lacking self-care and self-love and so it is imperative that we learn to release past hurt, grief, depression and painful memories so that we can heal our heart energy and bring it back into balance.

When I have clients with any of the above heart ailments I will look at where in their time line they closed off their hearts and why they became hardened. was it due to past hurt? does this need healing? do we need to re visit it in order to understand it and treat it? why did they hold onto it? what is upsetting them? and why are they struggling to forgive?

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