Calling all keen gardeners out there. Homeopathy for the Garden

If you thought that Homeopathy could only be used on people then you are missing out on so many other benefits that it has to offer. Homeopathy has been used on animals, babies, children and plants with great success, yes plants!!!

For my Patients who use Homeopathy on a regular basis they are already aware of the benefits that it has to offer, but if you have never tried it and you are a keen gardener then Homeopathy doesn't only offer benefits to both people and plants but it is kinder to the environment and it costs a fraction of the price that it's chemical counter part does.

I don't use chemicals on my garden and so I rely on natural methods in order to help tackle some of the many problems that organic gardeners like myself may encounter and Homeopathy is one such approach that may be of interest to you, if you are conscientious about chemicals and the environment as I am.

we already have many farmers in the UK using Homeopathy and noticing the many health benefits it has to offer, as well as the low cost of using it.

Prince Charles who is now a Patron of the faculty of Homeopathy and a very keen gardener has been using Homeopathy both for himself and his garden for many years with great success and will no doubt continue to, despite the criticism that he has faced for doing so, but those of us who use Homeopathy for ourselves, and loved ones as well as our cherished gardens and plants we know just how wonderful this art actually is.

Are you tired of using chemicals on your garden every year to rid pests such as slugs? well you have nothing to loose by trying and by learning more about Homeopathy and educating yourself about it, there are plenty of really good books out there on the subject and I would encourage you to delve into the world of Homeopathy.

The most widely recommended slug remedies are Helix Tosta 6x and slug Nosode, which is basically the slug in homeopathic potency.

I pop a couple of pills into a jam jar and fill with water and shake until the pills have dissolved. I then put a third of that water into a watering can and fill ready to water my plants.

Silicea is another really useful remedy for both house plants and the garden as it helps to strengthen plants and make them resistant to pests, this remedy can also be helpful if you spot mold on the plant.

Most of us have heard of Arnica for bumps and bruises, but in homeopathic potency it can also encourage healthy root growth and will cleanse the tissue of the plants, but just as we take Arnica for injury it can also be given to the plant that may have been inadvertently injured.

I'm no expert when It comes to using Homeopathy in the garden, but I am a Homeopath used to helping people with Homeopathic remedies and over the years I have broadened my horizon whilst using Homeopathy due to a need and desire to live my life as clean as possible, with as little impact on the environment that I can.

I have seen how Homeopathy helps my Patients and so I started some years ago to explore using it for my plants with great success and there seems to be no end to it's curative power.

Remedies can be easily purchased from varies Homeopathic pharmacies in the UK or you can order remedies from myself directly.

If you are interested in having an appointment with me I am currently operating a face time, skype or phone clinic due to the lock down. Appointments can be made via email, phone or text. Tel 07919378323

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