Colds and flu treated Naturally with Homeopathy

If you think that you may well be coming down with a cold then the very first Homeopathic remedy that I reach for is Aconite 30c. I take a dose of this and then repeat every 15 minutes for the first hour and then reduce and more often then not the cold comes to nothing, but what if it does become a cold or even flu, what can we do then?

In the past I have used gelsenium with great success for when I have been aching all over my body with chills running up and down my spine that was accompanied with weakness

Alium cepa is helpful for when the nose and the eyes are profusely running and burning and there may be a heavy pulsating in the head

Arsenicum alb is a remedy that can be used if there is a watery discharge from the nose, but the nose can also feel as though its blocked up accompanied with much sneezing. If the respiratory tract is affected then this remedy may assist when it feels like the air passage is constricted and the catarrh in the lungs feels like its suffocative and a cough that is dry

Euphrasia is another remedy that is also helpful where there is profuse coryza from the nose with a violent


Eupatorium This remedy can help to relieve flu symptoms where there are body aches and pains, but it is also helpful for severe colds as well as flu. There may be a throbbing pain in the head, much sneezing and coughing with pain in the chest that feels sore, with a feeling that it must be supported. The cough can often be relieved by getting on their hands and knees when this remedy is needed.

Belladonna the fever remedy. I've used this for my son many years ago when he came down with the flu and had a fever. The skin feels dry and hot to touch and the glands may be swollen tender and red.

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