Have you come down with a cold or flu? treat it naturally with herbs and Homeopathy.

Have you come down with a cold or flu?

There are things that you can do to alleviate the symptoms of colds and flu without dosing yourself up with toxins.

A good start is vitamin C 100mg three times a day till the symptoms subside. If you need to take the vitamin c for longer than three days then it is recommended that you reduce the amount to 500mg twice a day.

Echinacea is a herb that can help to reduce the duration of colds and flu by boosting the immunity. The recommended dosage is 200mg five times a day, but if you want to prevent colds and flu, then 200mg a day for three weeks can be used.

Zinc lozenges are helpful for when you have symptoms as they also help to sooth a possible sore throat as well, but for prevention I would take this in pill form and make sure that it also contains around 1mg of copper. You can take one lozenger three times a day if you have a cold.

Garlic is really great for helping to fight infections and if you are someone who can easily acquire throat infections after getting colds then this could help, it is also important just like Echinacea because it will boost the immunity. Take 400-600mg 4 times a day, but ensure that you take this with food.

There are also Homeopathic remedies that can help with cold and flu symptoms

· If a cold comes on very suddenly, especially if you have been exposer to the cold wind then Aconite

· If your eyes are streaming with discharge from your nose then Allium

· When the catarrh is thick and yellow from your nose and you feel irritable and very chilly then Hepar sulph

· If you are craving sympathy and need attention whilst unwell then Pulsatilla

· Euphrasia is helpful for when there is profuse catarrh that causes burning in the eyes that are streaming

· Sluggish, aching, heavy limbs and feeing constantly chilly is Gelsemium

· Eupatorium this is similar to Gelsemium in that they have chills and muscles aches and pains, but the skin can even feel very sore, they also desire very cold water. If you need this remedy you may have heavy catarrh and a cough that is painful.

If you feel that you would benefit from an appointment then these are held via video calls or at the calne wellbeing clinic if you feel that you need to see someone in person.



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