Home made lemon drink for colds, flue and coughs.

There are some nasty viruses going around at the moment and I’ve fallen victim to one just recently that left me with a hacking cough that I no doubt caught from one of my clients in the clinic who were suffering from a cold themselves.

If you want to make yourself a hot lemon drink but you don’t want to use the shop brought ones then you can do this yourself with just a couple of simple ingredients, and it'll be way healthier anyway.

First, if you are not lucky enough to have any thyme growing In your garden then you should be able to get hold of this dried herb from a health food shop or on line. I have this growing in the garden and I pick it every year and let it dry out, bag it up and put it in a dark cupboards in case it’s needed in the winter when the colds and flues hit.

Thyme is an excellent remedy for ear nose and throat problems, especially for colds, catarrh, sore throats and sinus issues, It is also anti fungal, anti bacterial a relaxant and expectorant as well as a antioxidant. Thyme tea can also relieve indigestion, wind and thread-worms.

To use as tea simply steep a teaspoon of the herb in hot water and leave for five minutes and then top up with hot water once it has had plenty of time to brew.

If you are making a decongestant drink with the thyme then add a teaspoon on maunka honey and one half a freshly squeezed lemon.

Manuka honey helps to boos the immune system, eases stomach ache and helps to clear infections , so it’s well worth adding it to this drink and keeping some in the house for the future just in case you get any cuts and grazes in the future due to its ability to fight infections when applied topically to the skin.

Adding lemon to the drink will help cut through the mucus that has built up, but it will also give you a dose of much needed vitamin c. Lemon also helps to alkalise the body which is important as most people are far too acidic these days.

Don’t forget that there are Homeopathic remedies that can really assist with getting over a cold or flu depending on your individual symptoms.

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