Homeopathic Apis, burning itching stinging skin from insect bites, stings and allergic reactions.

Bee stings- The remedy Apis actually comes from the honey bee so it’s no surprise that it can be of help when we experience discomfort from stings, and not just bee stings. When there is heat, redness and swelling at the sight of any type of sting then think of Apis

Insect bites- Apis is helpful for insect bites were there is redness and swelling at the sight of the bite. Remember to take this one on holiday with you for those pesty bites and stings

Hives- If the hives are burning and itching this remedy may help

Bladder infections- again we will see burning and stinging with the bladder infection with this remedy. There will also be a desire to frequently want to urinate, but it is important to note that very little will be passed when urination occurs

Allergic reactions- helpful for allergies caused by things such as nettles and poison ivy that cause a rash, maybe helpful for anaphylactic shock and where rapid swelling has occured

Sore throat- the throat will be swollen red hot and stinging

Conjunctivitis- stinging and swelling with puffiness

sunburn- Useful if the skin is itching red, burning and swollen

appointments can be carried out over face book messenger Skype and What's app, as well as other platforms that are available. there is also the clinic that is currently situated in Donaghadee.

for appointments phone or text 07919378323 or email harrodnaturalhealth@gmail.com

Seek medical attention if needed.

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