Making homeopathy more gentle and last longer with Homeopathic liquid remedies and how to make them.

If you are someone who uses Homeopathy then you will be very familiar with the little white sugar pills and pellets that Homeopaths distribute to their clients and use, but have you heard of liquid remedies and know what they are?

For the majority of the time I use the familiar sugar pills in the clinic with clients, however, there are occasions when using liquid remedies are a better option, because they help to prevent any aggravations from occurring whilst taking the remedies. what this means is that if a person is particularly sensitive to remedies, then on rare occasions a worsening of symptoms can occur after taking them. Homeopathy is safe, non toxic and it doesn’t cause nasty side effects and these worsening of symptoms are usually very temporary and settle after a short time.

When the remedies are added to water to makes a liquid remedy it is less likely that an aggravation will occur, this is because although the water makes the remedy deeper acting, it also makes it very gentle to take for sensitive individuals. This method is especially helpful if you need to give higher potentiates to people, but may be concerned about a possible aggravation.

An added bonus to applying this method is that each time you take a dose the remedy will work a little deeper than the previous dose that you took, this method is called succession.

The other benefit of liquid remedies is that if you are on a budget then adding them to water can actually prolong the life of the remedies, helping them to stretch further.

How to make liquid remedies

It is very easy to make these liquid remedies.

  • All you do is drop a couple of pills in an empty 30ml glass bottle

  • fill quarter of the bottle with alcohol, such as brandy or vodka and then top up the rest with filtered water or bottled water.

Make sure that each time you take the remedy with a dropper or tea spoon that you shake the bottle and bang the bottom of it on the palm of your hand prior to using it.

Now you have your liquid remedy.

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