Homeopathy for fatigue, pain and stiffness from exercising.

Do you suffer with sore muscles, stiffness and tenderness after exercising? Well there is something that you can do about it to both alleviate it and to help prevent this from happening, at the very least you can certainly lesson the discomfort of post exercise pain.

When I go walking, which I do a lot, I tend to walk for miles with my little dog and I can often suffer with stiffness after walking long distances if I don’t take remedies both before and after exercising, so it’s a good idea to keep these remedies close at hand for when you think you are gong to hit the gym or anything else that may cause you to experience stiffness and fatigue after any kind of exertion.

If after exercising you experience stiffness that feels that you are an old rusty creaking gate then Rhus-Tox is excellent. I tend to take this prior to walking and after to ensure that I lesson the stiffness. Incidentally for exercising I do take the remedies as high as 1m and even higher if I need too as i find that 30c just isn't enough

Arnica is another great remedy for sore muscles which I take prior to walking always, it’s also great for when you feel fatigued and completely drained and for when your body feels like it’s bruised, it almost feels like you have been beaten up.

Bryonia is really helpful if you feel that you don’t want to move after exercising because the pain feels so much worst for moving. Someone needing this remedy would benefit from total rest, rather than needing to keep moving around in order to prevent stiffness setting in and alleviating the pain.

Of course, there are so many other remedies, but these are the top ones that I often go too if I need too. Incidentally there are athletes such as David Beckham who turn to Homeopathy to help their recovery whilst training.

If you would like to book an appointment these are held both online and in the Calne Wellbeing Clinic.

Contact harrodnaturalheatlh@gmail.com

Text or phone 07919378323


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