Kicking the sugar addiction

On my way home today from taking my dog out for a walk I happened to notice a lady who was struggling to carry two large heavy boxes up the hill. As I got closer to her I noticed that it was boxes of coke that she was attempting to carry. I remember thinking to myself if only she understood the dangers of consuming sugary drinks such as these and wondering just how much of this stuff that she and other people actually consume. My heart goes out to people who have an addiction to such things, as I know that for the most part people don't actually consider it as an addiction.

I don’t’ personally drink any sugary fizzy drinks, truth is I don't like them thankfully, I always find them way too sweet to the point that they are revolting, but that's probably because I don't consume much sugar. it occurred to me today though, seeing that lady struggling with her boxes of fizzy pop, that for many people they’re probably not even aware of the dangers of consuming vast amounts of sugar every day. The world that we live in has in many ways made it ok and even acceptable for us to live this way and have us believe that it’s perfectly normal to live on this type of diet on a daily basis, but then we wonder why so many of us are so sick all the time.

If you like many other people are considering coming off sugar and switching to zero sugar drinks that contain artificial sweeteners, well they also have their problems. One such concern is that one of the main ingredient’s in some of these artificial sweetened drinks is phosphoric acid which has been shown to cause tooth erosion and some also contain citric acid.

There have been many studies carried out with artificial sweetener and what I would suggest is that you do your homework, but what I do believe is that our body can’t always tell the difference between something that tastes sweet and something that is actually sweet and so will go through the same process and have similar effects on the body as if it was actually sugar, I have even read studies that have suggested that this is the case, which may be why there are studies that show diabetes and such illnesses can get much worst when consuming these artificial sweeteners.

It can be a challenge to kick the sugar addiction, but it’s important to understand the reasons for our addiction and this is were Homeopathy can be of huge help, as well as talking to someone with a sympathetic ear about anything in life that could be contributing to this addiction, such as mental upset and stress.

You may think that people only eat sugar due to an addiction and nothing else, but that’s not always the case. Lots of people simply have an unhealthy relationship with food on the whole and much of the time it can be mental emotional factors that can come into play. The beauty of Homeopathy is that it takes everything into account and not just the fact that you have an addiction for no apparent reason.

For instance, a women who is craving sugar prior to her menses may find that the homeopathic remedy sulphur could be of help to her and this could suggest that she has a hormonal imbalance and on further investigation we discover that she is in fact suffering with her menses every month and so needs her hormones balancing. Once this is accomplished then she may well be able to get on top of the sugar issue.

Many people are suffering from panic attacks and anxiety these days, it seems to be the new epidemic. Where a person is craving sugar and having these episodes of panic we might look to Arg-Nit as a remedy to assist them.

The problem is that the more sugar you consume the likely it is that you will experience more panic attacks, this is because when we eat sugar our bodies recognise that have and so release insulin from the pancreas in order to remove the excess sugar to prevent our blood sugar level being to high, but when it does this the sugar level drops way too low and so our liver then releases stored sugar which then sends a signal to our adrenals that puts us into fight and flight. If we release this stored glucose from our liver the body just assumes that we are in danger because we must have been running from danger in order to have used it all up in the first place. we also release cortisone the stress hormone when we consume sugar, this is why it’s important to stay away from too much sugar if we suffer with anxieties.

When we release cortisone on a regular basis it can interfere with pituitary function which can then cause the thyroid to not function correctly.

Thyroidinum could be a helpful remedy for Someone who feels weakness and exhaustion, which could be why they are eating sugar, the remedy is also useful for thyroid disorders and weight issues.

You can see from these three remedies alone that Homeopathy doesn’t just treat a symptom, but that it treats the possible course for the sugar addiction, and thus supports you with a more natural approach, helping your body to balance properly and get to the root course of the issue.

It’s important to know that sugar addictions are not always just a lack of will power and that sometimes there are underlying issues and can even be more serious health problems, so it’s important to investigate it properly and speak to a doctor if you feel it is necessary.

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