Learn to use Homeopathy for first aid. Calendula is helpful for cuts,scrapes and minor burns.

This remedy is a little different from the other first aid remedies that have been covered in this series because it can be used as a cream or ointment as well as homeopathic remedy.

Calendula has been a real help in the past when my little dog had ear mites and drove her crazy. I put a couple of drops of the oil in her ear and in no time at all they disappeared and she hasn't every had them since either.

As an oil or cream you can use Calendula on cuts and grazes, as well as on stings and bites, but don't forget that it can also be taken in Homeopathic potency for these ailments to help aid healing.

Calendula cream is great for helping to prevent septic conditions and is anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti inflammatory, so it's well worth having some of this in the first aid cabinet.

If you want to learn a little more about this remedy and others then follow the link below


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