Lets Talk About Suppression

Let’s talk about suppression

Do you know what suppression looks like and why it’s so dangerous for our health?

Suppression comes in many forms and can be mental, emotional or physical. For instance, did you know that using harsh chemical deodorants will cause suppression? This is because sweating, as much as we may not like it is natural and normal and a must. If we stop the sweating all this means is that we push toxins back into our body and then wonder how and why we got sick. you can also end up sweating in anther part of the body such as the feet, which is usually far worst. Ask anyone with foot odor issues and they'll tell you just how awful it is.

Suppression can also be caused by not expressing ourselves, this type of suppression is mental and emotional. We may well have been taught as children that we shouldn’t cry, especially when it comes to raising boys who are going to be men, but this is so damaging. So many of us learn to suppress our emotions and keep them hidden, this has the same effect as using a toxic chemical on the skin, because you are still suppression something that is potentially toxic, albeit that it’s emotional, it’s still toxic.

Talking of toxins, drugs also cause suppression. we all of us appreciate that for emergency situations that they valuable and are needed and have saved lives countless times, but it is my belief that drugs have become part of our normal everyday life. Rather than trying to establish why we have a headache, fever or other symptoms and illness most will reach for the drugs and these not only cause suppression, but they also strip you minerally. If you ever get the chance to read up on this subject then have a look at a book called drug muggers by Suzy Cohen who is a pharmacist. She explains that not only do drugs strip you of essential minerals, but they are often the precursor to other illnesses.

What if we tried to understand why we had a headache and what was causing them and then deal with them naturally and even eradicate the very thing that could be causing them? What if those headaches were down to a hormonal imbalance, or grief, stress, anxiety or even food intolerances, wouldn’t you rather get to the bottom of the problem than suppress the reason for them?

You may believe that there is nothing wrong with suppression and that it's all part of normal life and the rat run that we live in and have found ourselves in, but any form of suppression always leads to something else, and by the time you are suffering with any number of illnesses ranging form asthma, depression, colitis, or migraines you will have forgotten all about the time that you suppressed something way back when, chances are it’ll not even occur to you that you have suppressed an illness in the first place because you will have had the belief that you dealt with that pesky headache with pain killers. You're be at a loss as to why you are suffering from fear, rage, anger or even depression or physical ailments that seemed to have appeared as if from nowhere. but illnesses never appear from nowhere, there is always a reason, there is always a precursor, but we've been programmed and taught to believe that it's all part of the ageing process and that there is nothing that you can do about any of it, other than popping more pills.

Homeopaths always look for suppression in patients, this is because this is where we can see if an illness was treated properly, or if it was just pushed deeper inside the body, where it eventually becomes an even louder voice when it attempts to expel itself once again, what does that mean? well it may result in a more serious illness further down the road.

I have heard many times with patients that they suffered with headaches and so took pain killers that worked to begin with, but over time they had to increase the amount and then after a while they not only stopped working altogether, but the headaches were a hundred times worst then before they started taking the pain killers. I experienced this myself many years ago when I used to suffer with sinusitis pain. I started taking pain killers and a popular anti-inflammatory which immediately worked to my joy. I remember thinking that I’d found the holy grail and I was so over the moon that I’d finally got rid of my sinus issue, but I hadn’t. during the course of the following months the pain killers stopped working altogether and not only did they stop working, the pain was absolutely excruciating when it returned, in fact and over the years it got worst and worst to the point that it became so bad that I had to have a medical procedure, that didn’t work, and still they continued to worsen. It was only when I used Homeopathy that I finally ended the years of misery. What was interesting was that I was suppression a lot of emotions and grief and so once this was dealt with, no more sinus attacks. I also ate far too much dairy because I loved cheese and this was making me very mucousy, which adds to the issue, but it wasn’t the total causation to my sinus issues. Have a read of Louis Hays book some time and look at how symptoms corelate to mental emotional factors.

Sinusitis can literally be due to someone or something getting up your nose! Wouldn’t you rather understand that then suppress how you’re feeling and end up in pain?

What about when a person has been hurt emotionally and they suppress how they feel, but because they are afraid of being hurt again they totally shut down and become hardened, little wonder that they start to suffer with hardened arteries and heart palpitations.

Of course, we need to function and we can’t all walk around expressing ourselves 24/7, but there are healthy ways of expressing ourselves that allow us to let go of the pain and move on, and there are better ways of dealing with some illnesses than taking endless amounts of drugs to the point that we don’t feel anything emotionally, or worst they cause other health issues that then require more drugs on top of drugs.

If we want to stay healthy and fend off illness and viruses then the best way to achieve this is by having a robust immune system and one of the best ways to destroy our immunity is from suppression and toxic drugs.

If you would like an appointment for Homeopathy or Solution Therapy then you can email, text or phone. appointments are held both on line and in the Calne wellbeing Clinic.

In the case of an emergency always contact and consult a medical professional.

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