Nux Vom for hangovers, indigestion and over coming the effects of a sedentary life style.

This remedy falls under the Water element and is really helpful for anyone that’s suffering from anxiety that may be due to over doing things, but these people also over do everything in life on a physically level as well as the mental level.

Imagine the person who has to win at everything, who's competitive, the mum who's living on stimulants just to get her through the day or the angry individual who's doesn't know when to slow down and take a rest, or the irritable grouchy bad tempered one who cant stand to be contradicted in any way at all and has to be right all the time, these traits and more are indicative of Nat-Mur.

Nux-Vom is particular helpful for individuals with anger issues that are due to living on stimulants, whether that be alcohol, coffee or drugs.

If you would like to know how this remedy may be helpful in a first aid situation then feel free to pop over to my YouTube channel and watch the very short video on this by clicking the link below

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