Plagued by Eczema and dry skin?

Lots of people believe that skin conditions such as eczema are all about the skin and nothing more, this is why for most their first thought in treating this condition would be to place something on the skin in order to heal it.

No number of creams are going to get to the bottom of a skin condition such as eczema or dry skin, because it’s more to do with what’s going on inside the body then outside of it. The other problem with treating this condition conventionally with steroids and creams is that one size does not fit all and what we inadvertently end up doing with this approach is actually suppressing the condition and push it further back into the body, as well as having an impact on our organs with these drugs.

If the skin is flaring up then something needs dealing with on the inside either mentally emotionally or physically, so that it does not become even more insidious further down the line. We all know what happens if we suppress our emotions and don’t speak our mind, eventually we end up erupting and usually over small inconsequential things, well it’s just the same with suppressing illness, we can end up making the situation 100 times worst.

You may be interested to know that if we have good gut health and as well as a healthy liver than our chances of having healthy skin is greatly increased. It's also worth mentioning that many people can suffer with food intolerances which can lead to skin issues. I often find in the clinic that when a person is not eliminating their bowels correctly that this can cause issues with the skin, also the skin can erupt if the liver is unable to break down certain foods, so supporting the liver is essential.

In the Chinese five elements the skin is very closely connected to the lung energy, as well as being associated to grief. It's helpful to know this because often physical ailments can arise from mental emotional factors in life. We don't stop to think about how our thoughts are effecting us and or the impact that they could be having on us every day and our health, but we do need to understand that the body feels emotions far more acutely and deeply than just feeling a little upset. Emotions can have a huge impact on us and often without our knowing they can become the precursor for physical illness.

it is far better and effective in the long run to heal eczema with a more holistic approach when you consider that everyone experiences it very differently. Eczema can effect different areas of the body such as behind the ears, on the palms of the hands, on the legs or just the trunk of the body, in the creases of joints, such as behind the knees and it can be either dry itching and burning or weeping. some people may feel that heat aggravates the eczema whilst others feel relief from the heat, so if we all experience it so differently why would we take such a generic one size fits all approach to it?

Homeopathy takes all the individual and unique symptoms into account and the medicine is tailored to suit you as an individual and not just a sickness that needs to go away.

homeopathy is safe, effective, non toxic and totally natural.

If you would like to take a more holistic approach to your health then feel to phone or text 07919378323

appointments are held at the Calne wellbeing Clinic or on line

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