Seasonal defective disorder. (SAD) Homeopathy can help as well as understanding ourselves better.

It’s that time of year again when it feels like nothing much is really happening. Christmas is over, as well as all the excitement and hype that goes with it, which can cause some to feel deflated and rather low, for many people they just want summer to arrive now, even my youngest son has said “I wish it was summer now, I’m fed up with the cold”

You may be interested to know that people respond to different types of weather in different ways and for a homeopath this is of great interest to us to know whether you like the heat, rain, snow, thunder or cold.

In the Chinese five elements it is the fire element that most enjoys those summer days. They don’t like to feel cold and these are the people who would happily warm themselves by the fire. For a fire element a world without heat can seem a very gloomy dark and bleak place.

This element is associated to laughter and joy, or the lack of it in its negative state and the main organ associated to the fire element is the heart that is paired with the lungs and pericardium.

In Chinese medicine the heart is referred to as the supreme controller, due to the fact that the heart ensures that other vital organs, such as the lungs, liver and kidneys and all functioning correctly and harmoniously, When this is out of balance things start to go wrong and we can see great sadness and panicking with these fire types, as well as a whole host of other symptoms, both on the mental and physical aspect.

In Homeopathy we can see that there are remedies that also fit into these patterns and element’s and this helps us in helping patients, especially on the mental aspect of any illness such as sadness during these cold Winter days.

There are many remedies that like the cold and winter time, not everyone enjoys the heat like I do. I personally find cold weather a real challenge and love nothing more than warm summer days and the light mornings and evenings and would happily live with that climate. I find the cold and dark evenings a real challenge and there are many remedies that could be of huge help.

For instance the remedy Sepia dislikes cloudy weather and even feels depressed during these times, phosphorus feels very depressed when they become cold, no surprise there when you think about what phosphorus actually is and that it is used to make fireworks and matches that buns spontaneously, phosphorus also doesn’t like the darkness or the evenings.

Sepia does not like thunder storms, though these can and often occur during the summer months and there are remedies such as Gelsenium who will actually feel depressed during the summer time, quite different from the fire element.

Rhus-Tox also feels much better is warmer weather and will often find that any physical ailments that they have are made worst by cold damp weather, this is especially the case for those suffering from Arthritis.

Graphite also feels better for warmth, though they are generally better in the Autumn time which makes them more of a metal element and the biggest remedy that likes the summer months is actually Petroleum.

It is important to remember that Homeopaths and energy healers such as myself take everything into account and not just your preferred heat and seasons.

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