Sunburn, natural remedies and Homeopathy

I had a load of paper work yesterday, so I decided to sit in the garden and do it, bad idea. I lost track of the time and guess what? I’m now badly burnt on my legs and chest. I never let myself get burnt and I’m usually super careful about this stuff, because not only does it damage the skin, but burns can also compromise the immune system and that’s the last thing that any of us need right now, so I’ve listed some Homeopathic remedies and Aromatherapy below that you can use if this happens to you.

Personally, I would use these remedies in combination as the body will take what it needs from them.


this is always the first remedy that I think of when there has been exposure to sunlight. It’s helpful for when a person may suffer with heat stroke and radiation sickness and a remedy for sunburn.


If you have been following my YouTube channel then you will know that Arnica is a fantastic first aid remedy, if you’ve not seen the video, then pop over to YouTube and watch it if you have the time. Arnica can help to reduce pain and swelling and it’s a big shock remedy.


This can help to relieve itching and swollen burning skin


this remedy is really helpful for when the skin is hot, red and burning. Also helpful for headaches brought on by heat and high fevers.


a remedy used for severe sun burn, especially if they blister.

Urtica urens

Helpful for burns and scolds where there is intense burning and itching of the skin. There will be a prickling sensation similar to nettle rash.

Essential oils for sun burn

In addition to Homeopathy I put together some calendula oil and aloe vera mixed with the following essential oils. It is important that you do not use any fatty oils on the skin with sun burns as they will literally fry the skin!

· Lavender Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti in-inflammatory

· Tea tree Helps to boost the immune system. Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antiviral.

· Geranium Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial

· Chamomile Anti-inflammatory and soothing for the skin and can help skin heal

· Neroli Natural antiseptic and can help prevent scaring

Because sun burns can weaken the immune response, I have listed some supplements that may be of help.

Coenzyme Q10-This is a free radical scavenger that can help to increase the supply of oxygen to the skin cells.

Essential fatty acids this is needed for tissue healing

Vitamin C- Needed for tissue repair and healing; it may also reduce scaring and support the immune system.

Zink boosts the immune system and aids tissue healing.

Vit B complex – helpful for tissue healing and where there are serious burns

Make sure that in the case of serious burns you seek medical advice.

If you need any remedies then you can text, phone or email.

For appointments feel free to contact me. The clinic is situated in Donaghadee as well as the video virtual clinic that is via Skype,face book and even whats app video.

text or phone 07919378323

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