Tackling anxieties and learning to control them.

Most of the people I help in the clinic who are suffering with anxieties are doing one of two things, or both.

Even if you don’t personally suffer with anxieties most people are doing this thing on a day to day basis and are totally unaware that they are even doing it.

What is it that these people do that is causing so many of us to feel so anxious these days about life? well it’s simple, when we start to feel anxious, we are either thinking about the past or the future which is making us feel this way. You see when most people think of the past or the future, they are not thinking positive thoughts, it’s usually always negative, no matter how small or large they may be and chances are these people are always pretty much unaware that they are even doing this.

It’s hard to believe that we are thinking negatively most of the time, but just think right now about what most of your thoughts are about on a day to day basis and ask yourself are they positive and optimistic, or are you thinking of worst case scenarios for the future in case something happens to go wrong and you may need to prepare for it?

It’s common to not understand the impact that theses thoughts can have on your life and it’s even more common that we don’t recognise that we are in fact having more negative thoughts than positive ones everyday. For most people it’s part of everyday life to reminisce on past events that were less than favorable, live with regret or think the worst about the future, even positive people allow these thoughts to slip into their minds. Us humans find it hard to let the past go because we want to learn from the past and not make the same mistakes and so we constantly remind ourselves just how bad the past was and tend to go over and over it.

The problem is that the moment that we start to have negative thoughts about either the past or the future it starts a chain of events in our body. Although the brain is very clever, sadly it can’t actually differentiate between a real threat and an imaginary threat and so it responds in exactly the same way as though there was a real threat occurring.

If you are feeling worried and thinking about the past, present or future and there is an element of worry, sadness, anger or resentment surrounding those thoughts, then the part of the brain that houses the amygdala will send the appropriate signals to your adrenals which is where we house all our fight and flight hormones.

Once the adrenals receive this message, they then start to release these hormones which allows us to run and fight for our lives as well as putting us in a heightened state of alertness and feeling anxious in a nut shell. This process is vital for our survival, if we were being hunted in the jungle!! but we are not in the jungle or in the wild being hunted by a tiger, most of the time we are sitting watching TV over thinking, working with a boss who we hate, living in a relationship that doesn't make us happy or dealing with kids who are driving us crazy; and although the horror movie that you watch may be frightening you are not actually in any danger at all, but your brain believes that you are and so responds appropriately, or rather inappropriately given the situation that you are currently in.

We all have daily stress that we have to deal with, but we don’t have to be in a heightened state of anxieties in order to deal with daily business, in fact it’s not very helpful being in this state when we need to be solving problems and seeking solutions, it’s far easier to solve problems when we are operating from the intellectual part of our brain and not the amygdala.

It is possible to beat anxieties and take back your life and be in control again as many of my clients have found out.

I can carry out appointments on Skype, face book messenger, over the phone and in the clinic that is currently situated in Donaghadee.

To book an appointment you can text on 07919378323 or phone the clinic on (028) 91882134

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