Talking Therapy. Do you need someone to talk too?

We all know that we can feel a huge weight lifted when we are able to talk to a friend or loved one when something is upsetting us, but what if you don’t have anyone to talk too and feel alone, or you feel that talking to a family member or friend makes you feel that you are burdening others with your problems and worries?

It is important that we are all heard and are able to confide in someone that we feel we can trust and sometimes talking to a therapist allows a person the space and freedom to do just that without the guilt attached.

As a Solution Therapist I always give my clients the opportunity to discuss the very things that are causing them issues in their life, I feel that this is an important process to go through, but the difference with this type of therapy is that we don’t stay in a place where we are going over and over past trauma and pain. It is important to express how we feel and to be heard, but we all know that it’s also very easy to dwell on the negative aspects of our life all too often and by doing this we can perpetuate the negativity.

What I do as a therapist is help you to take back the control in your life by learning new positive strategies that will enable you to think far more positively than you have ever done before. People who suffer with anxieties and depression have a negative thought process that is constantly running in the back ground, similar to a record that is on a loop and is stuck, but for the most part they are not even aware that they are doing this, because it’s often occurred over a long period of time and it's become a habit that they can't break free from, so they are unable to recall what it was like to feel positive about life as well as enjoy life.

Wouldn’t you just love to be able to re wire your brain and feel that you have more energy and happiness with a more positive outlook? You may wonder why I say this, but anxiety and depression literally rob you of vital energy because you are in a constant state of fight or flight. What this means is that your brain honestly believes that you are in constant danger and so keeps you highly alert at all times, this is so that you can spot the dangers in life, but for most of us there is no real threat or danger, your brain just believes that there is, because of the way that you have been feeling and the messages that it receives as a result of your anxieties,

it’s worth remembering that the brain cannot tell the difference between a real threat and an imagined one, so what this means is that all those thoughts running around in your head are literally having an effect on your body, your health and your wellbeing,

It is possible to feel happier and see the positive aspects in life, it’s just a matter of training you brain through Neuro Linguistic Programming and with Solution Focused Therapy this is exactly what I do and how I help people.

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