The dangers of hair colouring and why so many are choosing to switch to more natural herbal colours

Everyone knows that hair colour contains chemicals, but most people believe that they are safe and few people understand the dangers of colouring and that whatever you put onto your skin will go into the body and enter the blood stream. There are many issues where chemical colouring is concerned, such as skin problems that can arise like dermatitis and respiratory illnesses too. Also over time these chemicals do build up in the body and many people who have coloured their hair for years can suddenly react and develop very severe allergies.

For years before becoming a Homeopath and Natural health practitioner I was actually a hairdresser. I did work experience from school in a local salon and I trained straight out of school as a hairdresser and so I spent years around these chemicals believing that they were safe, all the while wondering why my health wasn’t the best, eventually I developed chronic allergies and sinusitis, as well as dermatitis and I was one of those people who coloured my hair all the time from being a teenager. The truth Is there is no totally chemical free permanent hair product out there, but there are better alternative available with fewer chemicals.

Ammonia is a very strong chemical and is found in most permanent hair colours, it is used so that it can change the PH level of the hair. The hair and the skin are naturally more acidic and so by using ammonia which is alkaline we are able to open up the cuticle of the hair which then enables hair colour to be absorbed. companies such as colourherbe do not use ammonia, parabens, alcohol or perfumes and so these are not just gentler on the hair but also better for our health.

If you are someone who is not that concerned about the chemicals and the health impacts then at least consider this. Once the cuticle to the hair has been opened then it is never really structurally the same ever again, in short it permanently damages the hair.

For many years I chose to use a herbal colour as a professional hair dresser for my clients with great success and I never did return to using the harsh chemical colours on my clients that I had been trained to use. I realised early on that not only do they unnecessarily damage the hair but I also believed that they did have serious long term health implications that we may not even be aware of, especially as I had been suffering with my own health issues for some time and I was just not willing to take any more chances when we didn’t know enough about the long-term effects of putting these very strong harsh chemicals on our skin that end up going into our body.

Even if you are not putting hair colour onto your skin and you are having high lights which shouldn’t come into contact with the skin then consider the fact that all hair colour smells very toxic and for me it always smelt suffocating, as I suffered with asthma and always felt that it was affecting me just breathing it in.

When I trained with colourherbe the first thing that struck me was the lack of any toxic fumes. When I trained in London with colourherbe and walked into their salon and noticed immediately that it didn’t smell like a salon. I’d spent my entire youth in salons and around the suffocating fumes and to sit in one that had no toxic smell was literally a breath of fresh air for me. That was it, I was sold and I just didn’t want to go back to working the way that I had done for years. Eventually I went on to become a mobile hairdresser, because I didn’t want to have to deal with such harsh chemicals any longer and so being able to colour people’s hair in their homes without the toxic smell was not only a plus for me, but also for them, especially if they had a young family that they did not wish to exposed to unnecessary chemicals, plus their hair wasn’t being damaged the way that it had been in the past.

I have come across many people during the lock down who have started to think very differently about their hair due to being unable to visit salons. Lots of people have either chosen not to colour their hair or they have found ways of doing it themselves by buying hair colour.

If you are someone who has discovered during this pandemic that colouring your hair yourself is not only far cheaper than going to the salon, but that it’s actually not as hard as you had expected, then maybe it’s time to take a look at a more natural approach to hair colouring.

Its also worth considering that chemicals that enter the body always have an effect on our organs long term, especially our liver, adrenals and kidneys, so you may wish to try and start supporting your organs now. Homeopathy does offer organ support and detoxing of organs as well as supporting the skin and hair with biometric tissue salts. One of the questions that I often ask women if they are having health issues is how much they colour their hair only to discover that they have been colouring it for many years in a lot of cases.

If you are interested in buying herbatint which is the retail product of colourherbe's professional range then please contact me on 07919378323

If you would like to make a Homeopathic appointment then these can be held on line or in the Calne Wellbeing Clinic phone or text 07919378323


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