The importance of detoxing from drugs

you may not be aware that every drug that you take is a toxin that can have an effect on your liver. This incredible organ has over a thousand functions and one of them is the detoxification of drugs, such as medication, it also helps to de-tox ingested toxins such as alcohol. If the liver becomes too toxic then it’s ability to rid our body of toxins will become inhibited

The liver is the largest gland in the body, it secretes bile which is a digestive enzyme which then passes into the gallbladder, ready to be used when fats are consumed in order to start breaking them down, bile is also the medium to help secrete toxins such as drugs. The liver also metabolises proteins and carbohydrates and it destroys old red blood cells and regulates blood volume.

Symptoms of liver disease range from fatigue, nausea, vomiting, jaundice, bleeding (due to impaired clotting factors) fever, hepatomegaly, Encephalopathy (sever liver failure) hepatitis which is inflammation of the liver, which can be infection or non-infection and the infection hepatitis can be caused by parasites or viruses, but non infection hepatitis is caused by drugs and toxic agents.

Cirrhosis is degeneration of the liver, it’s primary cause is excessive alcohol consumption, later stages of this illness result in kidney failure

Low glutathione is a powerful anti-oxidant that is needed to help get rid of poisons that are in your body and according to Suzy Cohen RPh, author of 'drug muggers’ acetaminophen is a possible drug that robs the body of glutathione, it can also contribute to vision loss in later life. you're probably be shocked to learn that this drug acetaminophen is easily found in medication that can be brought over the counter, such as paracetamol, its in other drugs too like codeine and strong pain killers, now consider that many people routinely take paracetamol.

When you combine alcohol with statin drugs, they cause the liver enzymes to go out of balance. Alcohol can damage the liver all by itself, but when we add drugs the effect is often greater. A new study has even suggested that if you mix coffee and paracetamol together then this may also damage the liver and pre-existing liver conditions that you may well not even be aware of can reduces the livers ability to clear out toxins like paracetamol, drugs, alcohol and coffee.

There are many other drugs and toxins that can increase the risk of liver damage, but the bottom line is most of us are not protecting our livers at all and the chances are that all of us have livers that are not functioning at their maximum. I see this in women also when they are suffering form menopausal issues and PMS, because the liver helps to metabolise hormones and deactivate them, it also appears to cause issues with pregnancy sickness in many, but pregnancy sickness can also be due to a fatty liver during pregnancy which is a serious potentially life-threatening illness that can cause rapid liver and kidney failure.

The liver represents our ability to be able to think, imagine and plan and the gall bladder is what helps us to put these plans into action, if these two organs are not functioning correctly then not only do we see physical illness as mentioned, but we can witness a persons inability to move forward with plans and motivate themselves, their thinking can be fussy and disjointed, but they can also suffer with excess anger and frustration.

How many times in your life have you said a particular person is toxic? well you're probably right because a toxic body always results in toxic emotions. Remember what the liver does, it metabolise hormones and old blood cells and this can be seen on a mental emotional plane when a person is unable to metabolise their thoughts and rid themselves of unwanted anger, frustration and bitterness, they literally hold onto all those old feelings that just become more and more toxic over time. A healthy liver does not do this, its able to let go, release the old feelings, regenerate and accept new experiences and this is why Homeopathy is so unique in it's approach to illness. we look at the person as a whole on the mental and emotional and understand that many of these emotional symptoms come from a toxic organs in the body that need support and this is where Homeopaths use organ support to do just that.

Fortunately you can always take control and start to treat your liver better as well as supporting other organs in your body. The first thing to do is to take a look at the toxins that you are putting into your body every day or even the toxins that you are exposed to daily, and possibly change your diet.

There are many Homeopathic remedies that may help to support the liver and heal it, but these are given based on the individual symptoms and after taking a careful case analysis.

If you would like to make an appointment these can be held virtually or you can be seen in the calne wellbeing clinic if you feel that you need to see someone in person.

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